Throwback Thursday: Wild West

Today’s image from the past is one that I dug out of the box of old family photos my father and stepmother gave me when I visited them this summer. This was probably taken in or around 1947, as my father and his brother played cowboys near the back door of the house where theyContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Wild West”

Throwback Thursday: Class Photo

Visiting my father and stepmother a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to be invited to take anything I wanted from several boxes of old photographs. I love this photo, which had “Bart’s class” scrawled on it in my grandmother’s handwriting. Sure enough, I recognized my dad in the first row, third from the left.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Class Photo”

Throwback Thursday: Papa and the Pony

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had come across a box of old photos I hadn’t been able to locate since I moved three years ago. Here is another treasure from that box, a picture I hadn’t seen in years. The photo shows my maternal grandfather, Ralph DeRicci, probably around 1920, astride aContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Papa and the Pony”

Days 7-10: Auburn, California

We spent about a month this summer on a 7,000+ mile road trip across the country, from the Washington, D.C., area to California and back. I began posting privately about the trip while we were gone, but we’re home now, so I’m updating my posts with photos and making them public. Here is a rundownContinue reading “Days 7-10: Auburn, California”

Throwback Thursday: Army Nurse

I hope you’re not getting sick of photos of my ancestors. I’ve been thrilled to have some to incorporate into my genealogy research — though I wish I had many more — and they fit in so nicely with the Throwback Thursday theme. The woman in the center of the photograph is my great auntContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Army Nurse”

Throwback Thursday: Great-Aunt Pierina

A major genealogy find this week: I finally located the box that contains a lot of old family photographs. A few are originals. Most are copies. Some I had remembered and wished I could find; others I had little memory of. But this helps so much with my family history research! Here is one ofContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Great-Aunt Pierina”

Throwback Thursday: Committing Acts of Genealogy

I was up way too late last night committing acts of genealogy. A 4:00 am bedtime for one night wouldn’t be that big a deal — though, wouldn’t you know it, I woke up at 7:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Unfortunately, I also got to bed at 6:00 am the night before that,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Committing Acts of Genealogy”

Throwback Thursday: The Germania

My great-grandfather Francisco Petrini emigrated to the U.S. on this ship, the S.S. Germania. He boarded the ship in Naples, Italy, and arrived at Ellis Island in January 1904. My grandfather was born two years later. (The Germania was built by the Scottish shipbuilding firm Caird & Co. for the Hamburg American steamship line.)

Throwback Thursday: Indomitable Mary

Today I found a box of family photographs I’d been searching for since we moved three years ago. It contains, among others, this 1922 photo of my great-grandmother Mary Bartocci Tomassoni and her four children. Her husband, Antonio Tomassoni, had been killed the year before in a coal mine collapse, leaving her alone at ageContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Indomitable Mary”

Becoming Italian, Part 3

I spoke yesterday with the genealogist who is handling the research for my Italian citizenship quest. She confirmed my eligibility and agrees that my best bet is to go through the Petrini line (though I’m also eligible through other lines). She has already found the marriage certificate of my great grandparents Francesco and Maria Petrini.Continue reading “Becoming Italian, Part 3”