Month of Letters, Day 10

On Monday, February 10, the tenth day of the Month of Letters challenge to send at least one piece of mail each day in February, I sent two Postcrossing cards: To China, a superhero robot card. To The Netherlands, a card with a reproduction of the cover of an old pulp fiction book called Musk,Continue reading “Month of Letters, Day 10”

Postcards From the World, Part 4

Here is my favorite of the recent postcards I’ve received from Postcrossers around the world. This one is from the Netherlands. For more information on Postcrossing, see my earlier posts on the subject: Postcards From the World, Part 3 Postcards From the World, Part 2 Postcards From the World The 5000 Club

Month of Letters, Day 7

On this seventh day of the Month of Letters (LetterMo) challenge, I sent four Postcrossing cards, all of them overseas. To a nature lover in Finland: a beautiful shot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in all their fall colors. To Brazil, a black and white photo of a sparkly chandelier at the historic Bolling-Wilson HotelContinue reading “Month of Letters, Day 7”

Month of Letters, Days 4, 5, and 6

I’ve been continuing to write and snail mail at least one letter a day in the Month of Letters challenge. Here is what I’ve sent in the last few days: Tuesday, Feb. 4 — I wrote a long, newsy letter to a Month of Letters participant in Huntsville, Alabama. Wednesday, Feb. 5 — Just oneContinue reading “Month of Letters, Days 4, 5, and 6”

Month of Letters, Day 2

February 2 was a Sunday, but I sent two postcards anyway. These went out from a mailbox in Boston, Massachusetts, while I was there with my son over the weekend for one of his college interviews. These were both Postcrossing cards: To Rocca San Casciano, Italy, a card with a vintage beer ad. To Palencia,Continue reading “Month of Letters, Day 2”

Month of Letters, Day 1

February is the Month of Letters, also known as “LetterMo.” Every day this month, those of us who’ve taken the challenge aim to send at least one piece of mail by good, old-fashioned snail mail, and to respond to anyone who writes to us. Bills, junk mail, and other non-personal forms of mail don’t count.Continue reading “Month of Letters, Day 1”

Postcards From the World, Part 3

Here is probably the best Postcrossing postcard I’ve received in the past week, an illustration by Nata Blansh called “Hogwarts Is My Home.” The card came to me from Anya, an English teacher in Moscow. She says that she’s a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, and that Severus Snape is her favorite character.Continue reading “Postcards From the World, Part 3”

Postcards From the World

A few days ago I posted about reaching my goal of both sending and receiving 5,000 Postcrossing postcards by the end of this year, after a little more than 10 years of being a Postcrosser. (Here is a link to that post, which also includes a primer on what Postcrossing is and how it works.)Continue reading “Postcards From the World”