LetterMo 2023, Days 17-28

I completed the Month of Letters challenge in February, but got sidetracked and did not report my progress through much of the second half of the month, so I’m going to catch up on that now. Month of Letters, or LetterMo, encourages participants to write and send at least one piece of handwritten snail mailContinue reading “LetterMo 2023, Days 17-28”

LetterMo 2023, Days 15 and 16

We’re past the halfway mark on the Month of Letters, or LetterMo, which encourages participants to write and send at least one piece of handwritten snail mail per day during the month of February. Here is a progress report from the past two days. Feb. 15 – I wrote and mailed a postcard to aContinue reading “LetterMo 2023, Days 15 and 16”

LetterMo 2023, Days 11-13

I have another update on my Month of Letters challenge, in which we attempt to write and send at least one piece of handwritten snail mail per day during the month of February, and to respond to mail we receive. Bills, advertisements, and such do not count, and we don’t have to send mail onContinue reading “LetterMo 2023, Days 11-13”

LetterMo 2023, Days 7-10

I am still managing to send mail every day for the Month of Letters challenge. Here is what I have sent in the past few days: I hope I’ve got those right; I really need to keep better records! But so far, I have sent something each day this month, even if my record-keeping hasContinue reading “LetterMo 2023, Days 7-10”

If It’s February, This Must Be LetterMo!

We are a few days into February, and I have not mentioned the Month of Letters, affectionately abbreviated as LetterMo. Every day this month, those of us who’ve taken the challenge aim to send at least one piece of handwritten mail by old-fashioned snail mail, and to respond to anyone who writes to us. Bills,Continue reading “If It’s February, This Must Be LetterMo!”

Postcards From the World, Siriusly

It’s time to share another Postcrossing card. This one came to me from what is, in Postcrossing terms, practically next door. The sender, Cindy, lives in here in Virginia, in a rural area about 75 miles from me. Postcrossing is work-related for Cindy; she is a rural mail carrier. But she says she is closeContinue reading “Postcards From the World, Siriusly”

Postcards From the World: Rush Hour, Germany

It’s been months since I’ve posted here about a card received from a Postcrosser somewhere in the world. I have not been sending (and, therefore, receiving) as many cards as I used to, with recent increases in the cost of international postage. But I have still been sending and receiving a few postcards every month.Continue reading “Postcards From the World: Rush Hour, Germany”

Mystery Lover

When I checked my Little Free Library today, the Agatha Christie book I’d left there was gone, and I found this Post-it note. Yesterday, which is most likely when the note was left there, was actually Agatha Christie’s birthday. So I like the timing! And to the person who left the note: Yes! I’ll seeContinue reading “Mystery Lover”