March 21 Writer Birthdays

1893 – Geoffrey Dearmer, British poet whose works dealt with the brutality of war. 1902 – William Downie Forrest, Scottish journalist, editor, and war correspondent. 1905 – Phyllis McGinley, Pulitzer Prize-winning American author of children’s books and poetry. 1919 – Geoffrey Pinnington, British reporter and editor. 1928 – Peter Hacks, German playwright, author, and essayist.Continue reading “March 21 Writer Birthdays”

March 20 Writer Birthdays

43 BC – Publius Ovidius Naso, known as Ovid, Ancient Roman poet best known for the Metamorphoses. 1828 – Henrik Willem Ibsen, Norwegian playwright and poet, considered the “Father of Realism.” 1845 – Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell, classical historian and archaeologist. 1904 – B.F. Skinner, influential American psychologist and author. 1907 – John Hugh MacLennan,Continue reading “March 20 Writer Birthdays”

March 19 Writer Birthdays

1084 – Li Qingzhao, Chinese writer, poet, essayist, artist, and lyricist; she is considered one of the greatest poets in Chinese history. 1721 – Tobias Smollett, Scottish poet and author best known for his picaresque novels and for his work’s influence on Charles Dickens. 1821 – Sir Richard Francis Burton, British explorer, translator, and travelContinue reading “March 19 Writer Birthdays”

March 18 Writer Birthdays

1652 – Anne Margrethe Qvitzow, Danish poet, writer, memoirist, and translator. 1634 – Madame de La Fayette, French writer, novelist, historian, lady-in-waiting, and correspondent; her novel La Princesse de Clèves was France’s first historical novel and one of the earliest novels in all of literature. 1829 – Mary Ann Harris Gay, American writer and poetContinue reading “March 18 Writer Birthdays”

March 17 Writer Birthdays

1819 – Sarah Carter Edgarton Mayo, American author, editor, and poet. 1820 – Jean Ingelow, English poet, novelist, and children’s writer. 1826 – Oscar Ferdinand Peschel, German geographer and anthropologist, most remembered for his book The Races of Man and Their Geographical Distribution, which classifies humans into seven races. 1832 – Moncure Daniel Conway, clergyman,Continue reading “March 17 Writer Birthdays”

March 16 Writer Birthdays

1751 – James Madison, author of the U.S. Constitution, co-author of the Federalist Papers, and fourth U.S. President. 1839 – René François Armand “Sully” Prudhomme, French poet and essayist; winner of the first Nobel Prize in Literature. 1884 – Eric P. Kelly, American journalist and Newbery Award-winning children’s author. 1885 – Emory Holloway, Pulitzer Prize-winningContinue reading “March 16 Writer Birthdays”

March 15 Writer Birthdays

1830 – Paul Heyse, Nobel Prize-winning German poet, dramatist, novelist, and short-story writer. 1849 – Tetcho Suehiro (born Yujiro Suehiro), Japanese politician, novelist, and journalist. 1867 – Lionel Pigot Johnson, English poet, essayist, and critic whose work influenced the Warhammer 40,000 fictional universe. 1871 – Charles Howard McIlwain, Pulitzer Prize-winning scholar and writer on AmericanContinue reading “March 15 Writer Birthdays”

March 14 Writer Birthdays

1844 – Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy, British poet of Irish descent. 1866 – Ng Poon Chew, Chinese author, journalist, publisher, and activist who published the first Chinese language daily newspaper to be printed outside of China 1869 – Algernon Blackwood, English novelist and short story writer, known for ghost stories and weird fiction. 1879 –Continue reading “March 14 Writer Birthdays”

March 13 Writer Birthdays

1822 – Moritz Grave von Strachwitz, German lyric poet. 1872 – Oswald Garrison Villard, American journalist, John Brown biographer & founder of the Anti-Imperialism League; his mother was suffragist Fanny Garrison Villard; his grandfather was abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. 1884 – Oskar Loerke, German poet of the Expressionist and Magic Realist movements. 1884 – EmanuelContinue reading “March 13 Writer Birthdays”

March 12 Writer Birthdays

1860 – William Cabell Bruce, U.S. Senator, author of books on historical topics, and Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Benjamin Franklin. 1894 – Yoshiki Hayama, Japanese novelist of proletarian literature; he spent time in jail due to his involvement with the labor movement, but later turned away from Marxism and became an enthusiastic supporter of JapaneseContinue reading “March 12 Writer Birthdays”