December 27 Writer Birthdays

1796 – Mirza Ghalib, the preeminent Urdu-Persian poet during the last years of the Mughal Empire; he used pen names Ghalib and Asad. 1821 – Lady Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde (born Jane Francesca Elgee), Irish poet who wrote under the pen name “Speranza,” and a supporter of the nationalist movement; she had a special interestContinue reading “December 27 Writer Birthdays”

December 26 Writer Birthdays

1716 – Thomas Gray, English poet. 1819 – E.D.E.N. Southworth (Emily Dorothy Eliza Nevitte), American novelist and short-story writer; friend of writer and reformer Harriet Beecher Stowe. 1820 – Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot, Irish actor and playwright, best known for his melodramas. 1862 – Alexander V. Amfiteatrov, Russian writer and historian. 1888 – Hiroshi “Can” KikuchiContinue reading “December 26 Writer Birthdays”

December 23 Writer Birthdays

1597 – Martin Opitz, considered the father of German poetry. 1828 – Mathilde Wesendonck, German writer and poet; possibly mistress to composer Richard Wagner. 1858 – Vladimir Nemirovitch-Dantshenko, Russian playwright and novelist who co-founded the Moscow Art Theatre. 1860 – Harriet Monroe, poet and literary critic who founded Poetry magazine. 1862 – Henri Pirenne, BelgianContinue reading “December 23 Writer Birthdays”

December 22 Writer Birthdays

1823 – Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre, French entomologist and author. 1869 – Edwin Arlington Robinson, American poet who won three Pulitzer Prizes for his work. 1905 – Kenneth Rexroth, American poet and Beat influencer (though he disliked the label) who was a central figure in the San Francisco Renaissance. 1935 – Tomás Rivera, Chicano author, poet,Continue reading “December 22 Writer Birthdays”

December 21 Writer Birthdays

1872 – Albert Payson Terhune, American author and dog breeder, known for his books about dogs. 1892 – Rebecca West, pen name of Cicely Isabel Fairfield, British author, journalist, literary critic, and travel writer who said, “People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute.” 1905Continue reading “December 21 Writer Birthdays”

December 20 Writer Birthdays

1838 – Edwin Abbott Abbott, English schoolmaster and theologian, best known for the satirical novella Flatland. 1902 – Vasil Iljoski, Macedonian writer, dramatist, professor, and an important figure in the Macedonian literature. 1920 – Väinö Linna, Finnish author best known for his novel, Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier). 1951 – Kate Atkinson, postmodern British novelistContinue reading “December 20 Writer Birthdays”

December 19 Writer Birthdays

1036 – Su Tung-p’o, greatest poet of the Chinese Sung Dynasty, often under fire in his day for satirizing government policies. 1753 – John Taylor of Caroline, U.S. Senator and Virginia State Delegate who authored books on agriculture and politics. 1796 – Manuel Breton de los Herreros, prolific Spanish playwright & librarian. 1820 – MaryContinue reading “December 19 Writer Birthdays”

December 18 Writer Birthdays

1828 – Abraham Viktor Rydberg, important Swedish novelist described as “primarily a classical idealist” and as “Sweden’s last Romantic.” 1856 – Graciano López Jaena, Filipino journalist, orator, propagandist, and revolutionary, best known for his written work, La Solidaridad.  1870 – Saki, Pen name of British writer Hector Hugh Munro, known for his witty short stories.Continue reading “December 18 Writer Birthdays”

December 17 Writer Birthdays

1807 – John Greenleaf Whittier, American Quaker poet and abolitionist. 1873 – Ford Madox Ford, English writer best known for his novel, The Good Soldier. 1903 – Erskine Caldwell, American Southern author who wrote about poverty and racism. 1916 – Penelope Fitzgerald, Booker Prize-winning British author of historical fiction; the Times included her in itsContinue reading “December 17 Writer Birthdays”

December 16 Writer Birthdays

My own birthday is December 16, and while it’s silly to feel pride about something over which I had no control, I am proud to share my birthday with some pretty wonderful writers. In fact, I have yet to find a date with a better array of writer birthdays (though tomorrow’s list will have someContinue reading “December 16 Writer Birthdays”