November 21 Writer Birthdays

1495 – John Bale, English writer, poet, historian, theologian, and priest who wrote the oldest known historical verse drama in English (on the subject of King John), and developed and published an extensive list of the works of British authors down to his own time, just as the monastic libraries were being dispersed. His quarrelsomeContinue reading “November 21 Writer Birthdays”

November 20 Writer Birthdays

1752 – Thomas Chatterton, English poet of the Romantic era who typified a commitment to the life of imagination; referring to Chatterton’s suicide at the age of 17, poet William Wordsworth described him as, “the marvellous Boy, The sleepless Soul that perished in his pride.” 1858 – Selma Lagerlöf, Nobel Prize-winning Swedish author and teacher;Continue reading “November 20 Writer Birthdays”

November 19 Writer Birthdays

1659 – Jacques Louis Valon (Marquis de Mimeure), French writer, poet, translator, linguist, and soldier. 1704 – Richard Pococke, Irish writer, archaeologist, Egyptologist, travel writer, anthropologist, and Anglican bishop; he is best known for his travel writings and diaries. 1781 – Anna Jane Vardill (also called by her married name Anna Niven, and by herContinue reading “November 19 Writer Birthdays”

November 18 Writer Birthdays

1611 – Andreas Tscherning, German writer, poet, translator, university teacher, hymn writer, and literary theorist. 1752 – Peter Harboe Frimann (often known as P.H. Frimann), Norwegian and Danish poet and writer. 1768 – José Marchena Ruiz de Cueto (also known as Abate Marchena), Spanish author, writer, poet, translator, journalist, professor, and literary critic. 1777 –Continue reading “November 18 Writer Birthdays”

November 17 Writer Birthdays

1587 – Joost van Den Vondel, German-born Dutch poet and playwright whose play Lucifer may have inspired John Milton’s Paradise Lost. 1785 – Julia Kristina Nyberg (née Svärdström), award-winning Swedish poet and song writer who wrote poetry inspired by nature, often under the pseudonym Euphrosyne. 1809 – Elizabeth Eastlake (born Elizabeth Rigby), British art historian,Continue reading “November 17 Writer Birthdays”

November 16 Writer Birthdays

1313 – Ibn al-Khatib (full name Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Said ibn Ali ibn Ahmad al-Salmani, also called the Poet of Al-Andalus), Spanish writer, poet, historian, philosopher, autobiographer, physician, and politician; some of his poems decorate the walls of the palace of Alhambra in Granada; in 1374, he was imprisoned for heresy and atheismContinue reading “November 16 Writer Birthdays”

November 15 Writer Birthdays

0241 – Cao Mao, Chinese poet who was the fourth emperor of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China; he was a grandson of Cao Pi, the first emperor of Wei. 1494 – Yahya Efendi (also called Molla Shaykhzadeh), Turkish Ottoman Islamic scholar, sufi, and poet who served as aContinue reading “November 15 Writer Birthdays”

November 14 Writer Birthdays

1389 – Muhammad ibn Arabshah (full name Abu Muhammad Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Ibrahim), Syrian Arab writer, historian, and translator who worked in the court of Sultan Muhammad Uthman translating Arabic books to Turkish and Persian; the famous Muslim scholar, Abd al-Wahhab ibn Arabshah, was his son. 1439 – JosephContinue reading “November 14 Writer Birthdays”

November 13 Writer Birthdays

1715 – Dorothea Christiane Erxleben (née Leporin), German physician who was the first female medical doctor in Germany, and the first woman licensed by a regulating medical body to practice medicine in the world; she researched and wrote about why more women did not have an education. 1785 – Lady Caroline Lamb, Anglo-Irish aristocrat, novelist,Continue reading “November 13 Writer Birthdays”

November 12 Writer Birthdays

1527 – Qi Jiguang, Chinese Ming Dynasty general and author who wrote military manuals and is considered a military hero in Chinese culture. 1648 – Juana Inés de la Cruz, scholar, poet, writer, composer, mathematician, playwright, philosopher, feminist, and nun in New Spain (now Mexico). 1666 – Mary Astell, English writer, philosopher, and rhetorician whoseContinue reading “November 12 Writer Birthdays”