December 27 Writer Birthdays

1796 – Mirza Ghalib, the preeminent Urdu-Persian poet during the last years of the Mughal Empire; he used pen names Ghalib and Asad. 1821 – Lady Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde (born Jane Francesca Elgee), Irish poet who wrote under the pen name “Speranza,” and a supporter of the nationalist movement; she had a special interestContinue reading “December 27 Writer Birthdays”

December 26 Writer Birthdays

1536 – Yi I, Korean Confucianist writer, poet, politician, philosopher, and reformer who is often referred to by his pen name Yulgok (“Chestnut valley”). 1618 – Elisabeth of the Palatinate (also known as Elisabeth of Bohemia or Princess-Abbess of Herford Abbey), German philosopher, writer, Calvinist, and princess who is best known for her correspondence withContinue reading “December 26 Writer Birthdays”

December 25 Writer Birthdays

1721 – William Collins, English poet regarded as one of the most skilled 18th-century lyric poets. 1771 – Dorothy Mae Ann Wordsworth, English author, poet, short-story writer, and diarist who was the sister of the Romantic poet William Wordsworth. 1776 – Lady Sydney Morgan (née Owenson), popular and prolific Anglo-Irish novelist who wrote highly successfulContinue reading “December 25 Writer Birthdays”

Friday Five: Christmas Eve

1) If you had to build a Christmas tree with just items around your house, what would definitely be part of it? Books, of course. I’ve built one of these before, and posted about it earlier this month. But here’s another photo. 2) What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for? Halloween. The decorations are fun,Continue reading “Friday Five: Christmas Eve”

December 24 Writer Birthdays

1714 – Rainieri De Calzabigi, Italian poet and librettist who was a close friend of Casanova. 1754 – George Crabbe, English poet and curate who is remembered for his portrayal of rural life. 1791 – Augustin-Eugène Scribe, French dramatist whose works dominated the Parisian stage for more than 30 years. 1798 – Adam Bernard Mickiewicz,Continue reading “December 24 Writer Birthdays”

December 23 Writer Birthdays

1597 – Martin Opitz, German poet, novelist, and editor who is considered the father of German poetry. 1657 – Hannah Duston, colonial American memoirist who was taken captive by the Abenaki people during King William’s War, in a raid in which 27 colonists were killed; shortly afterward, the Abenaki killed her newborn baby. About sixContinue reading “December 23 Writer Birthdays”

December 22 Writer Birthdays

1717 – Johann Jakob Baegert, French-born Mexican Jesuit missionary, professor, author, and travel writer who is noted for his detailed and acerbic account of the Baja California peninsula, the culture of its native inhabitants, and the history of Spanish exploration there. 1807 – Johan Sebastian Welhaven, Norwegian writer, poet, playwright, university teacher, literary critic, philosopher,Continue reading “December 22 Writer Birthdays”

December 21 Writer Birthdays

1702 – Tommaso Crudeli, Florentine Italian poet, lawyer, and champion of free thought who was imprisoned by the Roman Inquisition. 1804 – Benjamin Disraeli (1st Earl of Beaconsfield, nicknamed “Dizzy”), British Tory statesman and pioneer of the political novel. 1829 – Laura Bridgman, U.S. writer, poet, and teacher who was the first deaf and blindContinue reading “December 21 Writer Birthdays”

December 20 Writer Birthdays

1648 – Tommaso Ceva, Italian writer, poet, mathematician, professor, and Jesuit priest; he was well known for his poetry, and for his only mathematical work, the Opuscula Mathematica, which dealt with geometry, gravity, and arithmetic. 1738 – Juliana de Lannoy, Dutch writer, poet, playwright, and artist who is known for her wit and commentary onContinue reading “December 20 Writer Birthdays”

December 19 Writer Birthdays

1036 – Su Tung-p’o, Chinese writer who was considered the greatest poet of the Chinese Sung Dynasty, and who was often under fire for satirizing government policies. 1723 – Susanne Katharina Seiffart von Klettenberg, German abbess, writer, poet, artist, and philosopher who was a friend of the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his mother;Continue reading “December 19 Writer Birthdays”