July 21 Writer Birthdays

1522 – Lucrezia Gonzaga di Gazzuolo, Italian author and scholar; at the age of 14 she married Paolo Manfrone, and she is sometimes known as Lucrezia Gonzaga Manfrona. 1751 – Luigi Romanelli, Italian author, poet, professor, and opera librettist. 1811 – Dimitrios Dimitriou (sometimes spelled Dimitrija Demeter or Dimitrije Demeter), Greek Croatian poet, dramatist, short-storyContinue reading “July 21 Writer Birthdays”

July 20 Writer Birthdays

1304 – Petrarch (born Francesco Petrarca), Italian poet and scholar who is considered one of the earliest humanists. 1822 – Gregor Mendel, German-speaking Austrian scientist and monk who is considered the founder of modern genetics; he coined the terms “dominant” and “recessive” genes in his writings about his experiments with pea plants, such as hisContinue reading “July 20 Writer Birthdays”

July 19 Writer Birthdays

1727 – Ditlevine Feddersen (née Collett), Norwegian poet and translator; she was a central figure in the artistic and literary culture of Oslo. 1871 – André Raponda Walker, Gabonese author, ethnographer, fairy tale collector, Catholic priest, and missionary; he wrote extensively about the Gabonese language and culture. 1875 – Alice Dunbar Nelson, African-American writer, poet,Continue reading “July 19 Writer Birthdays”

Camp NaNo Update

After getting off to a great start on July’s Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I have fallen behind. My trip to Tangier Island cut into my writing time, but I’ve also had trouble getting back into it since I’ve returned. So many things have gotten in the way! I’m not terribly far behind, butContinue reading “Camp NaNo Update”

July 18 Writer Birthdays

1013 – Hermann of Reichenau, German Benedictine monk, writer, historian, astronomer, mathematician, poet, musicologist, and musical composer. 1635 – Robert Hooke, English author, astronomer, professor, physicist, surveyor, and scientist who often argued with Isaac Newton over scientific theories. 1811 – William Makepeace Thackeray, Indian-born English journalist, illustrator, editor, and author, best known for his satiricalContinue reading “July 18 Writer Birthdays”

Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal

I had actual, in-person conversations with real people today! My Bookcrossing group held our first nonvirtual meeting since the pandemic began. We met in Andy’s backyard, with a canopy for shade, and it was great, despite the heat and humidity. We all brought food, and Andy offered soda, snow cones, and cotton candy. Of course,Continue reading “Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal”

July 17 Writer Birthdays

1862 – Oscar Ivar Levertin, Swedish poet, critic, professor, and literary historian who was a dominant voice of the Swedish cultural scene. 1888 – Shmuel Yosef Agnon (published in Hebrew under the acronym Shai Agnon and in English as S.Y. Agnon), Nobel Prize-winning Ukrainian-born author whose work explores conflicts between the modern world and traditionalContinue reading “July 17 Writer Birthdays”

July 16 Writer Birthdays

0239 – Ennius, influential Roman writer, poet, historian, and playwright who has been called the Father of Roman Poetry. 1194 – Saint Clare of Assisi (Chiara Offreduccio), Italian nun, mystic, and the founder of the Order of Poor Clares; she wrote their Rule of Life, the first set of monastic guidelines known to have beenContinue reading “July 16 Writer Birthdays”

July 15 Writer Birthdays

1779 – Clement C. Moore, American professor who wrote the poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” which later became famous as “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” 1796 – Thomas Bulfinch, American writer and banker best known as the author of Bulfinch’s Mythology. 1858 – Emmeline Pankhurst (née Goulden) British political activist, writer, and feminist whoContinue reading “July 15 Writer Birthdays”

July 14 Writer Birthdays

1454 – Poliziano (real name Agnolo (Angelo) Ambrogini), Italian writer, poet, playwright, classical scholar, university teacher, and tutor to the Medici children. 1634 – Pasquier Quesnel, French theologian who was banished because of his Jansenist sympathies; he was imprisoned for three months but escaped, eventually settling in Amsterdam. 1676 – Caspar Abel, German writer, poet,Continue reading “July 14 Writer Birthdays”