September 12 Writer Birthdays

1590 – María de Zayas y Sotomayor, Spanish baroque author who was a pioneer of modern literary feminism. 1829 – Charles Dudley Warner, U.S. essayist and novelist who co-authored the novel The Gilded Age with his friend Mark Twain. 1831 – Álvares de Azevedo, Brazilian Romantic poet, essayist, short-story writer, and playwright who was aContinue reading “September 12 Writer Birthdays”

September 11 Writer Birthdays

1700 – James Thomson, Scottish poet who wrote the first long nature poem in the English language; he is also remembered for writing the lyrics of “Rule Britannia!” 1711 – Alexandre Guy Pingré, French and Swedish astronomer, librarian, author, naval geographer, professor, and Catholic priest; his publications include, among others, a substantial treatise on theContinue reading “September 11 Writer Birthdays”

September 10 Writer Birthdays

0877 – Eutychius of Alexandria, Egyptian writer, historian, and physician who was one of the first Christian Egyptian writers to use the Arabic language. His most important work is Nazm al-Jauhar (“Row of Jewels”), also known by its Latin title Eutychii Annales (“The Annals of Eutychius”), which begins with the Creation, and runs down toContinue reading “September 10 Writer Birthdays”

September 9 Writer Birthdays

1516 – Francesco Robortello, Italian writer, translator, editor, humanist, and university teacher; he was nicknamed Canis grammaticus (“the grammatical dog”) for his confrontational and demanding manner. 1595 – Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, Spanish and German Jesuit who was a writer, naturalist, theologian, philosopher, lecturer, and mystic; he was born and died in Madrid, but his parentsContinue reading “September 9 Writer Birthdays”

September 8 Writer Birthdays

1474 – Luovico Ariosto, Italian Renaissance poet best remembered for his romantic epic and satire of the chivalric tradition, Orlando Furioso, which describes the adventures of Charlemagne, Orlando, and the Franks as they battle against the Saracens, with diversions into many subplots. 1830 – Frédéric Mistral, Nobel Prize-winning French author, poet, and lexicographer in theContinue reading “September 8 Writer Birthdays”

September 7 Writer Birthdays

1434 – Janus Pannonius, Croatian-Hungarian poet, writer, diplomat, judge, and Catholic priest who is considered the most significant Renaissance poet in Hungary. 1707 – George-Louis Leclerc (Comte de Buffon), influential and prolific French natural-history writer, naturalist, mathematician, cosmologist, and encyclopedia writer; of his 36-volume Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, it has been said, “Written inContinue reading “September 7 Writer Birthdays”

A Vividly Imagined Post-Apocalyptic World

Today I finished reading Catherynne Valente’s book, The Past Is Red. In the future, Earth’s landmasses have been inundated by flooding, and Tetley lives in Garbagetown, built on and from a mass of the floating detritus of our civilization. It’s a grim life, but Tetley takes it in stride and even believes she is luckyContinue reading “A Vividly Imagined Post-Apocalyptic World”

September 6 Writer Birthdays

1475 – Sebastiano Serlio, Italian Mannerist architect, who was part of the Italian team building the Palace of Fontainebleau; his I sette libri dell’architettura (Seven Books of Architecture) helped canonize the classical orders of architecture. 1634 – Thomas Tryon, English merchant who was the author of popular self-help books and an advocate of vegetarianism. 1728Continue reading “September 6 Writer Birthdays”

September 5 Writer Birthdays

1750 – Robert Fergusson, Scottish poet and librettist who died at age 24 but whose career was influential, especially through his impact on poet Robert Burns; he is acclaimed for his vivid and masterly writing. 1764 – Henriette Herz, German writer and translator who was known for holding famous literary salons for prominent intellectuals ofContinue reading “September 5 Writer Birthdays”

September 4 Writer Birthdays

1768 – François-René (vicomte de Chateaubriand), French writer, politician, diplomat and historian who initiated the Romantic movement in France and had a notable influence on 19th century French literature. 1848 – Fanny Parnell (born Frances Isabelle Parnell), Irish poet, pamphleteer, and Irish Nationalist who sometimes wrote under the pen name Aleria and was known asContinue reading “September 4 Writer Birthdays”