May 4 Writer Birthdays

1006 – Khwaja Abdullah Ansari, Persian Sufi poet known as the “Sage of Herat” for his oratory and poetic talents. 1749 – Charlotte Turner Smith, English Romantic poet, novelist, and children’s writer who initiated a revival of the English sonnet, helped establish the conventions of Gothic fiction, and wrote political novels of sensibility; scholars creditContinue reading “May 4 Writer Birthdays”

May 3 Writer Birthdays

1469 – Niccolò Machiavelli, Italian historian, politician, philosopher, and writer who is widely considered the founder of modern political science and is best known for his handbook for unscrupulous politicians, The Prince. 1533 – Cheng Dawei, Chinese writer and mathematician who is known as “the most illustrious Chinese arithmetician,” mainly because he was the authorContinue reading “May 3 Writer Birthdays”

May 2 Writer Birthdays

1362 – Empress Xu, Chinese Ming dynasty empress and writer whose work focused on virtuous women. 1437 – Filippo Buonaccorsi, Italian humanist, writer, poet, biographer, and diplomat who fled to Poland in 1468 after taking part in a supposed assassination attempt upon Pope Paul II; in his writings, he argued for the strengthening of theContinue reading “May 2 Writer Birthdays”

May 1 Writer Birthdays

1503 – Celio Secondo Curione (Latin form Caelius Secundus Curio), influential Italian humanist, grammarian, editor, historian, and professor who was a major figure in the Italian Reformation. 1527 – Johannes Stadius, Belgian writer, scientist, astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, and university teacher who was one of the important late 16th-century makers of ephemerides, which gave the positionsContinue reading “May 1 Writer Birthdays”

Is Grammar Out of Style?

I have a Master’s degree in writing and a Bachelor’s degree in English. I’ve written more than two dozen books, and I’ve edited others. I’ve been a newspaper and magazine editor. Grammar and spelling are important to me. Are they no longer important to our society as a whole? I saw an online post recentlyContinue reading “Is Grammar Out of Style?”

April 30 Author Birthdays

1331 – Gaston Fébus (also spelled Phoebus), French count who was one of the most renowned hunters of his day. His book Livre de chasse (Book of the Hunt), the classic treatise on Medieval hunting, has been described as “one of the most influential texts of its era”; it records different stages of hunting variousContinue reading “April 30 Author Birthdays”

April 29 Writer Birthdays

0220 – Pacuvius, Ancient Roman tragic poet, writer, playwright, and painter who is regarded as the greatest Roman tragedian of his time. 1659 – Sophia Elisabet Brenner, Swedish writer, poet, feminist, and salon hostess. 1764 – Ann Julia Hatton (née Kemble) popular British novelist and poet; she also published as Ann of Swansea. 1780 –Continue reading “April 29 Writer Birthdays”

April 28 Writer Birthdays

1402 – Nezahualcoyotl (meaning “Coyote who fasts”), Mexican poet, philosopher, warrior, and architect who ruled the city-state of Texcoco in pre-Columbian era Mexico; he is best remembered for his poetry. 1541 – Mustafa Âlî (full name Gelibolulu Mustafa Âlî bin Ahmed bin Abdülmevlâ Çelebi), Ottoman Turkish poet, historian, bureaucrat, and major literary figure. 1669 –Continue reading “April 28 Writer Birthdays”

April 27 Writer Birthdays

1682 – Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de Tencin (Baroness Saint-Martin-de-Ré), French novelist, writer, and salonnière. 1737 – Edward Gibbon, English historian and politician who is known for his major work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 1759 – Mary Wollstonecraft, influential British author and woman’s rights pioneer who was also theContinue reading “April 27 Writer Birthdays”

April 26 Writer Birthdays

0121 – Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor and influential Stoic philosopher who was the last emperor of the Pax Romana, an age of relative peace and stability for the Roman Empire. One of his best known books was his Meditations, written in Greek; the book has been read and admired by many world leaders and isContinue reading “April 26 Writer Birthdays”