July 19 Writer Birthdays

1875 – Alice Dunbar Nelson, African-American writer, poet, educator, journalist, columnist, short-story writer, playwright, suffragist, and civil-rights activist who was part of the Harlem Renaissance. 1893 – Vladimir Mayakovsky, Russian poet, playwright, and actor. 1896 – A.J. Cronin, Scottish novelist and physician who wrote many books that were later adapted to film; his novel TheContinue reading “July 19 Writer Birthdays”

July 18 Writer Birthdays

1635 – Robert Hooke, English author, astronomer, professor, physicist, surveyor, and scientist who often argued with Isaac Newton over scientific theories. 1811 – William Makepeace Thackeray, Indian-born English journalist, illustrator, editor, and author, best known for his satirical novel Vanity Fair; as a journalist, he often wrote under such absurd pen names as George SavageContinue reading “July 18 Writer Birthdays”

Friday Photo: For the Birds

It’s back! My cousin Kevin made this Bird Library for me a few years ago. When we moved last year, we uninstalled it from our old yard and brought it along to the new house. And then, a few months ago, a tree limb fell on the roof and cracked it. I had a heckuvaContinue reading “Friday Photo: For the Birds”

July 17 Writer Birthdays

1888 – Shmuel Yosef Agnon (published in Hebrew under the acronym Shai Agnon and in English as S.Y. Agnon) Nobel Prize-winning Ukrainian-born author whose work explores conflicts between the modern world and traditional Jewish life and language; he is considered a central figure in modern Hebrew literature and has been called “one of the greatContinue reading “July 17 Writer Birthdays”

July 15 Writer Birthdays

1779 – Clement C. Moore, American professor who wrote the poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” which later became famous as “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” 1796 – Thomas Bulfinch, American writer and banker best known as the author of Bulfinch’s Mythology. 1886 – Jacques Rivière, French writer, critic, and editor who was a majorContinue reading “July 15 Writer Birthdays”

July 14 Writer Birthdays

1634 – Pasquier Quesnel, French theologian. 1860 – Owen Wister, American author credited with inventing the western novel, with the publication of his iconic book, The Virginian; he also wrote nonfiction and biographies. 1903 – Thomas Dionysius Clark, historian, professor, and author of a landmark history of Kentucky; he was a champion for historic preservation,Continue reading “July 14 Writer Birthdays”

Postcards from the World: Still Life with Books

I haven’t posted lately about any Postcrossing cards I’ve received, but this one deserves to be shared. This postcard arrived from Jana in Czechia. She chose it because I wrote in my profile about how much I love reading books. There is no indication of the artist’s name or the title of the work, butContinue reading “Postcards from the World: Still Life with Books”

July 13 Writer Birthdays

1793 – John Clare, English poet, essayist, and violinist, known especially for his poetry about nature and preserving the environment in the face of the agricultural revolution. 1894 – Isaak Babel, Russian journalist, translator, dramatist, and short-story writer who was arrested and executed during Stalin’s purges. 1918 – Marcia Brown, American children’s author, illustrator, andContinue reading “July 13 Writer Birthdays”

July 12 Writer Birthdays

1817 – Henry David Thoreau, American author, essayist, poet, and philosopher, best known for his works Walden and Civil Disobedience. 1876 – Max Jacob, French poet, painter, writer, and critic whose work is seen as an important link between the symbolism and surrealism; despite the fact that the Jewish-born Jacob had converted to Catholicism decadesContinue reading “July 12 Writer Birthdays”