July 30 Writer Birthdays

1511 – Giorgio Vasari, Italian writer, historian, painter, and architect who wrote Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, considered the ideological foundation of art-history writing; he was also the first to use the term “Renaissance” in print. 1818 – Emily Brontë, English author and poet whose only novel, Wuthering Heights, published underContinue reading “July 30 Writer Birthdays”

July 29 Writer Birthdays

1605 – Simon Dach, Prussian/German lyrical poet and hymn writer. 1805 – Alexis de Tocqueville, French historian, political thinker, and author, best known for his two-volume work Democracy in America. 1849 – Max Nordau, Hungarian-born author, physician, social critic, and Zionist leader. 1869 – Booth Tarkington, American novelist and dramatist best known for his novelsContinue reading “July 29 Writer Birthdays”

July 28 Writer Birthdays

1809 – John Stuart Blackie, Scottish professor, scholar, translator, and essayist. 1844 – Gerard Manley Hopkins, English Jesuit priest who was one of the leading Victorian poets. 1864 – Stephen Phillips, popular English poet and dramatist. 1866 – Beatrix Potter, beloved English children’s author and illustrator, famous for her children’s books, including the classic, TheContinue reading “July 28 Writer Birthdays”

July 26 Writer Birthdays

1856 – George Bernard Shaw, Nobel Prize-winning Irish playwright who was a co-founder of the London School of Economics; he also wrote music and literary criticism, essays, novels, and short stories. 1872 – George Louis Beer, renowned American historian of the Imperial school; he wrote about British colonialism. 1875 – Carl G. Jung, influential SwissContinue reading “July 26 Writer Birthdays”

July 25 Writer Birthdays

1517 – Jacques Peletier du Mans – French Renaissance poet, translator, mathematician, and humanist who tried to reform French spelling to correct its inconsistencies. 1626 – Geeraerdt Brandt, Dutch poet, playwright, preacher, biographer, church historian, and naval historian who was a well-known writer in his time. 1761 – Charlotte Von Kalb (Baroness Marshal of Ostheim),Continue reading “July 25 Writer Birthdays”

July 24 Writer Birthdays

1802 – Alexandre Dumas, French adventure novelist whose famous works include The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo his son, also named Alexandre Dumas, was also a historical novelist and playwright. 1842 – Ambrose Bierce, American editorialist, journalist, short-story writer, fabulist, and satirist, best known for his short story, “An Occurrence at OwlContinue reading “July 24 Writer Birthdays”

July 23 Writer Birthdays

1823 – Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore, English poet and critic who was the son of novelist and editor Peter George Patmore. 1879 – Simeon Strunsky, American essayist, encyclopedia editor, editorial writer, and columnist who was born in Vitebsk, Russia (present-day Belarus). 1888 – Raymond Chandler, American author of detective fiction who helped develop the genreContinue reading “July 23 Writer Birthdays”

July 22 Writer Birthdays

1733 – Mikhailo Mikhailovich Shcherbatov, Russian prince who was a statesman, historian, writer, and philosopher. 1807 – Karolina Pavlova, Russian poet, novelist, and translator known for her unusual use of rhyme and imagery; she was a friend of Tolstoy and translated his works into German. 1849 – Emma Lazarus, American poet, novelist, and playwright, bestContinue reading “July 22 Writer Birthdays”

July 21 Writer Birthdays

1885 – Frances Parkinson Keyes, American author who wrote novels set in New England, Louisiana, and Europe, as well as books about her life as the wife of a U.S. Senator; her later works frequently featured Roman Catholic themes and beliefs. Her last name rhymes with “skies,” not “keys.” 1899 – Hart Crane, influential AmericanContinue reading “July 21 Writer Birthdays”

July 20 Writer Birthdays

1304 – Petrarch (born Francesco Petrarca), Italian poet and scholar who is considered one of the earliest humanists. 1822 – Gregor Mendel, German-speaking Austrian scientist and monk who is considered the founder of modern genetics; he coined the terms “dominant” and “recessive” genes in his writings about his experiments with pea plants, such as hisContinue reading “July 20 Writer Birthdays”