May 14 Writer Birthdays

1553 – Margaret of Valois, French princess of the Valois dynasty who became queen consort of Navarre and later of France and was a well-known writer and woman of letters; she was the first woman known to have written and published her memoirs. The daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de’Medici, sheContinue reading “May 14 Writer Birthdays”

May 13 Writer Birthdays

1611 – Jacques Moisant de Brieux, French poet, writer, and historian. 1786 – Anna Ehrenström (née Gråberg), Swedish poet and writer who has been called the first female poet of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island. 1795 – Pavel Jozef Šafárik, Slovak poet, linguist, writer, science writer, literary historian, educator, publicist, journalist, and translator. 1809 – GiuseppeContinue reading “May 13 Writer Birthdays”

May 12 Writer Birthdays

1089 – Mahsati Ganjavi, eminent Persian poet who is remembered for her quatrains and for her association with both Omar Khayyam; her name Mahsati is a compound of two Persian words “Mah/Maah” (Moon) and “Sati” (Lady). 1665 – Albertus Seba, Dutch writer, ornithologist, pharmacist, zoologist, and pharmacologist who accumulated one of the largest cabinets ofContinue reading “May 12 Writer Birthdays”

May 11 Writer Birthdays

1645 – William Scott (2nd Baronet of Thirlestane), Scottish lawyer, lyricist, and neo-Latin poet. 1763 – János Batsányi, Hungarian poet, writer, translator, editor, and literary critic. 1771 – José Mamerto Gómez Hermosilla, Spanish writer, journalist, and literary critic. 1817 – Isabella Letitia Woulfe, British writer known for a popular and acclaimed debut novel, Guy Vernon,Continue reading “May 11 Writer Birthdays”

May 10 Writer Birthdays

0893 – Abu Muhammad al-Hasan al-Hamdani, Yemeni Arab writer, poet, historian, linguist, grammarian, geographer, chemist, astronomer, and astrologer. 1843 – Benito Pérez Galdós, prolific Spanish novelist, short-story writer, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, painter, and politician who was the leading literary figure in 19th century Spain. 1863 – Kaarle Krohn, Finnish folklorist, writer, and professor whoContinue reading “May 10 Writer Birthdays”

May 9 Writer Birthdays

1588 – Herman Hugo, Belgian writer, Jesuit priest, and military chaplain whose Pia Desideria, a religious emblem book published in Antwerp, was the most popular religious emblem book of the seventeenth century; it went through 42 Latin editions and was widely translated up to the 18th century. (An emblem book is a collection of emblemsContinue reading “May 9 Writer Birthdays”

May 8 Writer Birthdays

1492 – Andrea Alciato (commonly known as Alciati, or Andreas Alciatus), Italian writer, historian, jurist, and university teacher who is regarded as the founder of the French school of legal humanists. He is most famous for his Emblemata, published in dozens of editions; this collection of short Latin verse texts and accompanying woodcuts created aContinue reading “May 8 Writer Birthdays”

May 7 Writer Birthdays

1426 – Giovanni Pontano (later known as Giovanni Gioviano or, in Latin, Ioannes Iovianus Pontanus), poet, writer, humanist, and politician from the Duchy of Spoleto, now in Umbria in central Italy. 1711 – David Hume, Scottish historian, economist, and essayist; a key figure in the history of Western philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment. 1748 –Continue reading “May 7 Writer Birthdays”

May 6 Writer Birthdays

1584 – Diego de Saavedra Fajardo, Spanish writer, playwright, essayist, satirical writer, political writer, historian, and diplomat who published the anti-Machiavellian book Empresas Políticas: Idea de un príncipe político cristiano (Political Maxims: Idea of a Christian Political Prince), written primarily for the son of King Philip IV. 1751 – François-Rodolphe de Weiss, Swiss writer, philosopher,Continue reading “May 6 Writer Birthdays”

May 5 Writer Birthdays

1588 – Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher whose work Leviathan set the foundations of western political philosophy. 1739 – Đuro Ferić, Croatian poet, translator, and Jesuit vicar. 1797 – Hippolyte-Louis Guérin de Litteau, French poet and writer whose poetry inspired many composers during the Second French Empire and the French Third Republic. 1813 – Søren Kierkegaard,Continue reading “May 5 Writer Birthdays”