September 20 Writer Birthdays

1503 – Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski, Polish writer, politician, theologian, author, and philosopher who is regarded as the father of Polish democracy. 1614 – Martino Martini (called Wèi Kuangguó in China), Italian Jesuit missionary, cartographer, and historian whose work focused on ancient Imperial China. 1674 – Eustachio Manfredi, Italian mathematician, astronomer, and poet. 1803 – CatherineContinue reading “September 20 Writer Birthdays”

Still the Brightest Witch of Her Age

My favorite Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger, has a birthday today. Hermione was born on September 19, 1979, which would have made her one of the oldest students in her class at Hogwarts. (Harry, born June 31, was one of the youngest.) So Hermione is now 43 years old!!! I am still trying to getContinue reading “Still the Brightest Witch of Her Age”

September 19 Writer Birthdays

1426 – Marie of Cleves, German princess who became the third wife of Charles, Duke of Orléans, and the mother of his only son, King Louis XII of France; she was a writer, poet, and patron of letters who was known for her ballads and other verses. 1757 – Samuel Romanelli, Jewish Italian poet whoContinue reading “September 19 Writer Birthdays”

September 18 Writer Birthdays

1574 – Claudio Achillini, Italian poet, writer, professor, and jurist. 1587 – Francesca Caccini, Italian writer, composer, poet, singer, musician, music teacher, and lute player of the early Baroque era; she was also known by the nickname “La Cecchina.” Her only surviving stage work, La Liberazione di Ruggiero, is widely considered the oldest opera byContinue reading “September 18 Writer Birthdays”

September 17 Writer Birthdays

1192 – Minamoto no Sanetomo, Japanese shōgun (military dictator) who was an accomplished waka poet. 1479 – Celio Calcagnini (also known as Caelius Calcagninus) Italian humanist, writer, scientist, astronomer, and diplomat who was a major influence on French humanist and satirist François Rabelais’s literary and linguistic ideas. 1684 – Elizabeth Meader Hanson, colonial Anglo-American writerContinue reading “September 17 Writer Birthdays”

Mystery Lover

When I checked my Little Free Library today, the Agatha Christie book I’d left there was gone, and I found this Post-it note. Yesterday, which is most likely when the note was left there, was actually Agatha Christie’s birthday. So I like the timing! And to the person who left the note: Yes! I’ll seeContinue reading “Mystery Lover”

September 16 Writer Birthdays

0508 – Xiao Yi (Emperor Yuan of Liang), Chinese emperor of the Liang Dynasty who was a renowned writer and collector of ancient books. 1462 – Pietro Pomponazzi (also known by his Latin name, Petrus Pomponatius), Italian writer, philosopher, professor, and medical doctor; he has been called the Herald of the Renaissance. 1557 – MartinContinue reading “September 16 Writer Birthdays”

September 15 Writer Birthdays

1613 – François de La Rochefoucauld, French author of maxims and memoirs who was was one of the leading exponents of the “maxime,” a French literary form of epigram that expresses a harsh or paradoxical truth with brevity. 1789 – James Fenimore Cooper, U.S. writer of romantic historical fiction dealing with frontier and Indian life,Continue reading “September 15 Writer Birthdays”

September 14 Writer Birthdays

1486 – Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, German writer, astronomer, occultist, philosopher, physician, lawyer, theologian, alchemist, feminist, magician, and astrologer; his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, published in 1533, drew heavily upon Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and neo-Platonism. 1584 – Francisco de Quevedo, Spanish writer, Baroque poet, and politician who was one of the prominent Spanish poets of hisContinue reading “September 14 Writer Birthdays”

September 13 Writer Birthdays

1756 – Benedikt Naubert (born Christiana Benedicta Hebenstreit), prolific German writer who published more than 50 historical novels; she is considered a pioneer of the genre. All but her final book were published under pseudonyms, including Verfasser des Walther von Montbarry, Verfasser der Alme, Verfasserin des Walther von Montbarry, and Fontanges. Her works were widelyContinue reading “September 13 Writer Birthdays”