A Halloween Abduction

Seeing all the Halloween decorations this week reminded me of a Halloween seven years ago. It was 2015, and we were still in our old house, where there was enough space beside the Little Free Library for a bench. For the holiday, I had a scarecrow sitting on the bench with a box of books,Continue reading “A Halloween Abduction”

Mystery Lover

When I checked my Little Free Library today, the Agatha Christie book I’d left there was gone, and I found this Post-it note. Yesterday, which is most likely when the note was left there, was actually Agatha Christie’s birthday. So I like the timing! And to the person who left the note: Yes! I’ll seeContinue reading “Mystery Lover”

Day 4: Ogallala, Nebraska, to Salina, Utah

This post recounts our travels on July 6, the fourth day of our road trip adventure, but I’m posting these privately during our travels and am switching the status to Public after we return home from the trip, so as not to tip off the criminals about our house being empty for a month. I’mContinue reading “Day 4: Ogallala, Nebraska, to Salina, Utah”

Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal

I had actual, in-person conversations with real people today! My Bookcrossing group held our first nonvirtual meeting since the pandemic began. We met in Andy’s backyard, with a canopy for shade, and it was great, despite the heat and humidity. We all brought food, and Andy offered soda, snow cones, and cotton candy. Of course,Continue reading “Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal”

Just Add Books

Two years ago today, we were preparing to install our Little Free Library, LFL#9136, at our new address. I had originally opened the library in front of our old house in 2013, after a friend built it for me. It was popular on our old street, just a few blocks from here, and when weContinue reading “Just Add Books”

Take a Book, Leave an Argument

About a week ago I wrote of the surprising level of contentiousness on an online forum for people who love their old houses. That’s not the only group I belong to that seems innocuous but is sometimes the site of bitter arguments. The other group that gets weirdly argumentative is a discussion site for LittleContinue reading “Take a Book, Leave an Argument”

Update From the Land of Social Distancing

It’s the end of the first week of The End of Life as We Know It, as we all try to adjust to our new, Coronavirus-induced reality. Everything is weird and tense and depressing, but you already know that. Virginia does not yet have a statewide order to close businesses, but many have closed anyway;Continue reading “Update From the Land of Social Distancing”