The Capricious Gods of Facebook

Facebook’s community standards algorithms have been even wackier than usual lately. I have occasionally had a post pulled. Usually it was because the algorithm misinterpreted a word that was benign in the context in which I was using it, but that in other contexts might have been controversial. For example, one guy who posted toContinue reading “The Capricious Gods of Facebook”

Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal

I had actual, in-person conversations with real people today! My Bookcrossing group held our first nonvirtual meeting since the pandemic began. We met in Andy’s backyard, with a canopy for shade, and it was great, despite the heat and humidity. We all brought food, and Andy offered soda, snow cones, and cotton candy. Of course,Continue reading “Bookcrossing, Up Close and Personal”

Changing the World, One Book at a Time

A pen pal recently asked me to explain Bookcrossing, and that made me wonder if my blog readers might like to know more about it too. The official scoop, of course, is on the Bookcrossing website. But I can provide some highlights. WHAT IS BOOKCROSSING?Bookcrossing is a fun way to turn the whole world intoContinue reading “Changing the World, One Book at a Time”