Book Review: Kindred

Why Does a Harry Potter Group Read Kindred? I recently led a book discussion of Octavia Butler’s time-travel novel, Kindred. This was not my regular book club or the Anti-Racist Book Club, though the novel could fit well into the reading list of either group. It was my Harry Potter group. When I sat downContinue reading “Book Review: Kindred”

Anti-Racist Reading

A year ago, a friend of mine organized an anti-racist book group. Those of us in the group are not Black, and that’s by design. We wanted a safe place to discuss our fears, root out our own biases, and educate ourselves without expecting a Black person to bear the burden of explaining to us.Continue reading “Anti-Racist Reading”

The Library Book

Tonight my book club is discussing The Library Book, by Susan Orlean. It’s a fascinating account of a fire that devastated the central branch of the Los Angeles Public Library in 1986, destroying a million or so books. The describes the fire in breathtaking prose, and then recounts the author’s investigation into its causes. TheContinue reading “The Library Book”