March 10 Writer Birthdays

1749 – Lorenzo Da Ponte, Italian opera librettist for Mozart, best known for The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni; he was also a poet and a Catholic priest. 1841 – Ina Coolbrith, American poet, writer, journalist, librarian, and prominent figure in the San Francisco Bay literary community. Called the “Sweet Singer of California,” sheContinue reading “March 10 Writer Birthdays”

March 9 Writer Birthdays

1763 – William Cobbett, English writer, reformer, and publisher who, under the pen name Peter Porcupine, wrote political pamphlets and gazettes with strong radical viewpoints in both America and England. 1814 – Taras Shevchenko, Ukranian national poet, writer, painter, and politician whose writing is regarded as the foundation of modern Ukrainian literature and language. 1892Continue reading “March 9 Writer Birthdays”

College Craziness Payoff: The First Acceptance!

After all the campus visits, applications, application fees, financial aid forms, auditions, interviews, essays, and other assorted hoops to jump through, my son has received his first college acceptance! James Madison University has offered him a spot, not just at the university, but also in the music department. We are not surprised; it was hisContinue reading “College Craziness Payoff: The First Acceptance!”

March 8 Writer Birthdays

1859 – Kenneth Grahame, Scottish bank secretary and writer of children’s literature, best known for the novel, The Wind in the Willows. 1877 – Šatrijos Ragana, pen name for Marija Peckauskaite, Lithuanian romantic and humanist novelist, short-story writer, and teacher; her pseudonym translates to “Witch of Šatrija.” 1892 – Juana Fernández Morales de Ibarbourou (alsoContinue reading “March 8 Writer Birthdays”

March 7 Writer Birthdays

1715 – Ewald Christian von Kleist, German lyric poet and cavalry officer. 1785 – Alessandro Manzoni, Italian poet and novelist whose novel The Betrothed (I promessi sposi) is ranked among the masterpieces of world literature and is considered a symbol of Italian reunification, both for its patriotic message and because it was a milestone inContinue reading “March 7 Writer Birthdays”

March 6 Writer Birthdays

1483 – Francesco Guicciardini, Italian writer, historian, politician, diplomat, and philosopher. 1486 – Francysk Skaryna (or Francisk Skorina), Belarusian humanist, physician, and translator who was one of the first book printers in Eastern Europe, laying the groundwork for the development of the Belarusian language. 1619 – Cyrano de Bergerac, Pen name of Hercule-Savinein de Cyrano deContinue reading “March 6 Writer Birthdays”

March 5 Writer Birthdays

1840 – Constance Fenimore Woolson, American poet, novelist, and short-story writer whose great uncle was novelist James Fenimore Cooper; her fiction focused on the Great Lakes region, the American South, and American expatriates in Europe. 1853 – Howard Pyle, American author and illustrator of books for young people, and founder of a school for aspiring illustrators.Continue reading “March 5 Writer Birthdays”

March 4 Writer Birthdays

1856 – Toru Dutt, Indian Bengali poet and translator who wrote in English and French. 1881 – T.S. Stribling, Pulitzer Prize-winning American lawyer, short-story writer, novelist, and journalist who wrote about the American South. 1906 – Meindert DeJong, Dutch-American author of children’s books who won multiple Newbery Medals. 1914 – Barbara Newhall Follett, American childContinue reading “March 4 Writer Birthdays”