June 13 Writer Birthdays

1752 – Frances Burney, English satirical novelist, playwright, and diarist, more commonly known as Fanny Burney. 1865 – William Butler Yeats, Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet who is one of the key figures of 20th century literature and a driving force behind the Irish Literature Revival; he is remembered for his “always inspired poetry, which inContinue reading “June 13 Writer Birthdays”

Photo Friday: March of the MVCS Titans

My son’s high-school graduation is tomorrow, but with large gatherings still prohibited because of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no in-person ceremony. Instead, we’ll all watch a virtual event from home on television or the internet. Still, a group of parents wanted some sort of socially distanced in-person celebration. We’d thought of a carContinue reading “Photo Friday: March of the MVCS Titans”

June 12 Writer Birthdays

1524 – Achilles Statius (or Aquiles Estaço), Portuguese humanist and writer who moved to Rome, where he was a secretary to the Pope. 1819 – Charles Kingsley, English minister, historian and novelist. 1827 – Johanna Spyri, Swiss author of children’s stories, best known for the classic book Heidi. 1892 – Djuna Barnes, American writer ofContinue reading “June 12 Writer Birthdays”

June 11 Writer Birthdays

1851 – Mary Augusta Ward (née Arnold), Australian-born British novelist who wrote as Mrs. Humphry Ward. 1877 – Renée Vivien (born Pauline Mary Tarn), British Symbolist poet who wrote in the French language. 1899 – Yasunari Kawabata, Nobel Prize-winning Japanese novelist, best known for Snow Country. 1910 – Jacques Cousteau, French oceanographer, filmmaker, author, andContinue reading “June 11 Writer Birthdays”

June 10 Writer Birthdays

1904 – Lin Huiyin (also known as Phyllis Lin or Lin Whei-yin), Chinese architect, author, professor, and architectural historian who was the first female architect in modern China, and who is especially known for her restoration work on cultural heritage sites of China in the post-imperial Republican Era of China. The American artist and architecturalContinue reading “June 10 Writer Birthdays”

June 9 Writer Birthdays

1903 – Marcia Davenport, American novelist, Mozart biographer, and music critic. 1925 – Keith Laumer, American science-fiction author, short-story writer, comic book author, Air Force officer, and diplomat. 1939 – Charles Webb, American author best known for the novel The Graduate, which was made into the popular movie of the same name. 1943 – JoeContinue reading “June 9 Writer Birthdays”

June 8 Writer Birthdays

1814 – Charles Reade, English dramatist and novelist who was popular, though not critically acclaimed, in his own time but who fell out of fashion by the turn of the century; George Orwell said of him, “it is unusual to meet anyone who has voluntarily read him.” 1874 – Clara Clemens, American author, biographer, andContinue reading “June 8 Writer Birthdays”

June 7 Writer Birthdays

1757 – Georgiana Cavendish (Duchess of Devonshire), English socialite, style icon, writer, novelist, political organizer, and activist; she was the great-great-great-grandaunt of Diana, Princess of Wales, and has often been compared with her. 1825 – Richard Dodderidge Blackmore, English poet novelist of the Romantic school, best known for the book Lorna Doone; he was oftenContinue reading “June 7 Writer Birthdays”

June 6 Writer Birthdays

1236 – Wen Tianxiang, Chinese poet and politician of the Southern Song Dynasty; he is a popular symbol of patriotism and righteousness in China. 1606 – Pierre Corneille, French playwright who has been called the father of French tragedy; he also wrote many comedies. 1799 – Alexander Pushkin, celebrated Russian author and poet who isContinue reading “June 6 Writer Birthdays”