List Ludicrosity

Recently I posted Quiz Quackery, a pet peeve (OK, maybe it was more of a rant) about quizzes on the internet that use deceptive come-on lines to manipulate readers into clicking on them. In keeping with the theme of misleading, manipulative, and downright stupid online material, what about all the articles or memes that tryContinue reading “List Ludicrosity”

September 7 Writer Birthdays

1434 – Janus Pannonius, Croatian-Hungarian poet, writer, diplomat, judge, and Catholic priest who is considered the most significant Renaissance poet in Hungary. 1707 – George-Louis Leclerc (Comte de Buffon), influential and prolific French natural-history writer, naturalist, mathematician, cosmologist, and encyclopedia writer; of his 36-volume Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, it has been said, “Written inContinue reading “September 7 Writer Birthdays”

Testing … 1, 2, 3

As I posted yesterday, we had to drive down to James Madison University to pick up my son only two weeks into his freshman year of college, because of rapidly rising numbers of Covid19 cases on campus. He had no symptoms. Neither did his roommate. They have both worn masks and followed all the otherContinue reading “Testing … 1, 2, 3”

September 6 Writer Birthdays

1860 – Jane Addams, Nobel Prize-winning American writer, essayist, suffragist, human rights activist, journalist, sociologist, philosopher, social worker, social critic, peace activist, public administrator, and autobiographer who was a co-founder of both Chicago’s Hull House, one of America’s most famous settlement houses, and the American Civil Liberties Union; she is also considered the creator ofContinue reading “September 6 Writer Birthdays”

Home Again, Home Again

Just under two weeks ago, he moved into his dorm. Today, the college freshman is home again, at least for the next few weeks, due to campus temporarily closing because of rising numbers of Covid19 cases. Classes will continue online, and the school will figure out new procedures to put into place and then reassessContinue reading “Home Again, Home Again”

September 5 Writer Birthdays

1750 – Robert Fergusson, Scottish poet and librettist who died at age 24 but whose career was influential, especially through his impact on poet Robert Burns, and is acclaimed for his vivid and masterly writing. 1764 – Henriette Herz, German writer and translator who was known for holding famous literary salons for prominent intellectuals ofContinue reading “September 5 Writer Birthdays”

Photo Friday: Grand Caverns

Last weekend I drove to Harrisonburg, Virginia to bring my son a piano keyboard. He just started his freshman year at JMU and needed one for a music class. (The campus is now closing down, unfortunately, because of the pandemic, and we’ll have to go pick him up this weekend. But last week, we hadContinue reading “Photo Friday: Grand Caverns”

September 4 Writer Birthdays

1768 – François-René (vicomte de Chateaubriand), French writer, politician, diplomat and historian who initiated the Romantic movement in France and had a notable influence on 19th century French literature. 1848 – Fanny Parnell (born Frances Isabelle Parnell), poet, pamphleteer, and Irish Nationalist who sometimes wrote under the pen name Aleria and was known as theContinue reading “September 4 Writer Birthdays”

September 3 Writer Birthdays

1617 – Roshanara Begum, Indian poet and Mughal princess who was the daughter of Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal; after her brother took the throne, she became the First Lady of the Mughal Empire; today she is best known for the Roshanara Bagh, a pleasure garden located in present-day north Delhi and named inContinue reading “September 3 Writer Birthdays”

The Empty Nest Fills Up Again

Ten days ago, I helped my son move into his freshman dorm room at James Madison University. Seven days ago, he started classes, with a mixture of online and in-person classes. Five days ago, I drove down to bring him a new piano keyboard he needed for a music class. And yesterday, the university announcedContinue reading “The Empty Nest Fills Up Again”