No More Quarantine

Beginning Monday, England is lifting its quarantine rules for incoming vaccinated travelers from the U.S.! Wales has just announced that it’s following suit. This means that Americans traveling there will have to provide proof of vaccination and pass a covid test before traveling and a few days after arriving, but will not have to stayContinue reading “No More Quarantine”

July 31 Writer Birthdays

1875 – Kunio Yanagita, Japanese writer, folklorist, linguist, Esperantist, university teacher, agronomist, anthropologist, and lexicographer who is considered the father of Japanese native folkloristics, or minzokugaku. 1880 – Premchand (pen name for Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava), prolific Indian writer, screenwriter, novelist, essayist, translator, and short-story author who wrote in Hindi and Urdu and also used theContinue reading “July 31 Writer Birthdays”

Photo Friday: Hummingbird

Our little hummingbird friend is back! Or maybe it’s a different hummingbird. In fact, I think I saw two different hummingbirds today, though I can’t be sure. We’ve had at least one hummingbird in our yard for the past two summers. We’ve been wondering if we’d see any at all this summer, but going backContinue reading “Photo Friday: Hummingbird”

July 30 Writer Birthdays

1511 – Giorgio Vasari, Italian writer, historian, painter, and architect who wrote Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, considered the ideological foundation of art-history writing; he was also the first to use the term “Renaissance” in print. 1818 – Emily Jane Brontë, English novelist and poet who is best known for herContinue reading “July 30 Writer Birthdays”

July 29 Writer Birthdays

1214 – Sturla Þórðarson, Icelandic chieftain, poet, historian, and writer of sagas and contemporary history. 1605 – Simon Dach, Prussian/German lyrical poet and hymn writer. 1771 – Yun Zhu (or Wanglan Yun Zhu), Chinese poet, painter, and anthologist who gathered together and published thousands of poems written by hundreds of women; she was nicknamed “AdeptContinue reading “July 29 Writer Birthdays”

Camp NaNo Progress, or Lack Thereof

Oh, no! July is almost over, and my Camp NaNoWriMo goal is still unmet. I was doing well earlier in the month, but I fell behind in the last couple weeks, and I have not yet been able to catch up. (NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, in which writers try to write an entireContinue reading “Camp NaNo Progress, or Lack Thereof”

July 28 Writer Birthdays

1804 – Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach, German philosopher and anthropologist best known for his book The Essence of Christianity, which provided a critique of Christianity that strongly influenced generations of later thinkers, including Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Engels, Richard Wagner, and Friedrich Nietzsche; many of his philosophical writings offered a critical analysisContinue reading “July 28 Writer Birthdays”

July 27 Writer Birthdays

1777 – Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet known for his sentimental poetry and patriotic war songs; he helped create the initial plans for founding of the University of London. 1824 – Alexandre Dumas, son of the French author of the same name, his works have not attained the same acclaim as his father’s; yet, his novelContinue reading “July 27 Writer Birthdays”