Photo Friday: Eating for a Good Cause

My neighborhood’s annual art festival, Art on the Avenue, is generally the busiest, most lucrative day of the year for local restaurants. After a year and a half of the pandemic, many of the businesses are operating on razor-thin margins. They needed a lot of sales during Art on the Avenue, held earlier this month.Continue reading “Photo Friday: Eating for a Good Cause”

October 15 Writer Birthdays

0070 BC – Virgil, influential Roman poet of the Augustan period, best known for his epic The Aeneid. 1801 – Rifa’a al-Tahtawi, Egyptian writer, economist, historian, translator, journalist, archaeologist, academic, teacher, and philosopher who was among the first Egyptian scholars to write about Western cultures in an attempt to bring about a reconciliation and anContinue reading “October 15 Writer Birthdays”

A Musical Interlude

Two days ago, I learned from the father of my son’s college roommate that they had a concert planned for tonight! (They’re both violinists in the university’s Chamber Orchestra.) My son never mentioned it because he couldn’t imagine we would want to drive 2.5 hours just to attend an hour-long concert. Oh, he of littleContinue reading “A Musical Interlude”

October 14 Writer Birthdays

1617 – Yun Hyu, South Korean writer, poet, politician, painter, philosopher, and autobiographer. 1644 – William Penn, English real-estate entrepreneur, philosopher, and founder of Pennsylvania; he wrote in favor of democracy and religious freedom and was noted for his good relations and successful treaties with the Lenape Indians; he was imprisoned in the Tower ofContinue reading “October 14 Writer Birthdays”

October 13 Writer Birthdays

1621 – Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi da Montecuccolo, Italian writer, historian, memoirist, explorer, and Capuchin missionary, noted for his travels in Portuguese Angola and his lengthy account of the local history and culture, as well as a history of the Capuchin mission there. 1747 – Ange-François Fariau, French poet, writer, journalist, teacher, linguist, and translator whoContinue reading “October 13 Writer Birthdays”

October 12 Writer Birthdays

1580 – Hortensio Félix Paravicino y Arteaga, Spanish writer, poet, playwright, and Catholic monk. He was also an art critic and connoisseur of painting, but argued for the destruction of all paintings of nudes, writing, “The finest paintings are the greatest threat: burn the best of them”; his views on art were considered extreme evenContinue reading “October 12 Writer Birthdays”

Sexist A**holes

I guess I’ve spent too much time on Facebook today. The sexism I’m seeing today is disturbing because it is so prevalent and so persistent. If you follow George Takei’s page, you may recall the “Am I the A**Hole?” questions from Reddit that he sometimes reposts for his own followers to answer. I read twoContinue reading “Sexist A**holes”

October 11 Writer Birthdays

1723 – Hedvig Strömfelt, Swedish writer, psalm writer, church historian, and baroness who was an important leader in the Moravian Church Stockholm congregation. 1727 – Elizabeth Griffith (sometimes credited as Elizabeth Griffiths), Welsh-born, Irish-based dramatist, fiction writer, essayist, and actress. 1782 – Steen Steensen Blicher, Danish poet, short-story writer, and failed clergyman. 1825 – MariaContinue reading “October 11 Writer Birthdays”