Woo hoo! I booked a reservation to see the Galleria Borghese in Rome. Tickets for this art gallery must be booked in advance, and only a limited number are available. The ticket office says reservations are available online 90 days ahead of time. I have been checking every day for months. They were not available 90 days ahead of when I will be there in June. In fact, openings for that week (and the rest of the month) just appeared on the site yesterday, with less than four weeks to spare before my trip. But I saw that tickets had opened today for June, pounced, and made my reservation!

This is one of the world’s most revered art museums, housed inside the former Villa Borghese Pinciana and featuring paintings and sculptures by Raphael, Bernini, Caravaggio, and more. I did not visit there the last time I was in Rome, and it was on my must-see list for this visit. So I am psyched.

An 18th-century frescoed ceiling in the entry hall of the Borghese Gallery, by artist Mariano Rossi.

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