52 Ancestors, Week 19: Male Pattern Baldness

It’s Week 19 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks project. The challenge was created by genealogist Amy Johnson Crow, who provides a different prompt each week for exploring our family histories. This week’s prompt: Bald.

They say male pattern baldness runs in families. It certainly does in my father’s family. My dad has been follicly challenged for many years. And he took after his father, who died of leukemia at the age of 64, had already lost most of his hair well before his diagnosis. In fact, they look so much alike that it is uncanny. Even my great-grandfather, who died in the 1918 flu epidemic, at only 44 years old, was already well on his way to losing his hair.

That hairline runs through the generations!

Across the generations, the hairline survives. LEFT: my great-grandfather Francesco Petrini died in his forties, but the hairline was already thinning. CENTER: his son, Bartholomew Petrini Sr., was losing his hair when he passed away at the age of 64. RIGHT: my father inherited that same hairline; I’ve always thought he looks incredibly like his father (in some photos, they are nearly identical), but here, I can also see his resemblance to his grandfather.

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