Thrifty Thrifting in Alexandria

For years I’d been meaning to stop by a certain thrift shop in town. I’d heard great things about the quality of the merchandise, and all proceeds benefit the local hospital. I was taking a long walk into Old Town Alexandria today to check out a Turkish coffee shop that friends had recommended (wonderful pastries!). I realized the thrift shop was open today and was only a few blocks farther, and decided today was the day to visit the Twig Thrift Shop, too.

Some of the prices on women’s clothes surprised me, and not in a good way. The first pair of trousers I tried on was $50, which I’d generally find reasonable at Macy’s, but not at a thrift store. Then I noticed the label: Prada. Then the price made more sense. They didn’t fit, anyway. But another pair of pants did, and when I saw the price tag, I was surprised in the opposite direction: $6.

As it turned out, the price was not $6. Almost everything in the store was half-price today. So the perfectly serviceable, comfortable, olive-green capri-length pants cost me $3. That is not a typo.

In fact, I bought the pants, an antique handkerchief, and eight books. My total cost, with tax was about $8.

If you’re in Alexandria, check out the Twig Thrift shop at this link.

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