An Owl and Turkey Tale

We spotted this wild turkey in April 2018 as it sauntered down the street we used to live on. The bird strutted into the backyard of the house across from ours, flew up to the roof of a backyard shed, flew back down the other side, and then continued on its stroll through the neighborhood.

Late last night as we were trying to get to sleep, my husband told me he could hear an owl attacking several turkeys outside the house. This seemed weirdly specific, and I heard nothing like that, so I said he must have dozed off and dreamed it. He denied it, insisting that he really did hear it.

While we have occasionally heard an owl in the trees behind our house, we have never heard or seen a turkey there. I would not discount the possibility of one. We did see one on our street once, a few years ago, when we lived several blocks from here.

But would an owl attack not just one but a whole gaggle of turkeys? I am skeptical.

My husband is sticking to his story.

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