52 Ancestors, Week 14: Begins With a Vowel

The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks project continues. This week’s theme is Begins With a Vowel.

When I first heard this theme, I thought of my 9x great-grandfather, Baldo Tarini (1613-1678) and his brother Ubaldo Tarini. Ubaldo was born four years later and given nearly the same name, except that his begins with a vowel. I had wondered if perhaps my information was confused and they were really the same person, but the records seems solid.

In fact, this is just one of several instances in my family tree in which a Baldo and a Ubaldo are brothers. For example, Ubaldo Del Queto (born 1642) and Baldo Del Queto (born 1668) were half-brothers, the sons of Sebastiano Del Queto. Ubaldo’s mother was Sebastiano’s first wife, Eleonora; Baldo was born after Eleonora passed away and Sebastiano married a much younger woman, Prudenza Tonelli.

And much more recently, Ubaldo Nardelli (1931-1989) was the older brother of Baldo Nardelli, born a year later.

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