Spring Begins as Spring Break Ends

My son’s spring break ended yesterday, and he returned to campus. And today, spring begins. I was sorry to see him go back to school — though, of course, I am also pleased that he is doing so well at his university and has forged some strong friendships. But I will miss him.

I read so much from other parents about their college kids returning home for spring break and leaving for the beach, or staying at home but spending all their time out with friends. Not my son. When he has a break from school, he does not want to surround himself with people and partying. He actually likes spending time with me and his father, watching TV together, having actual conversations with his parents, and getting takeout from all his favorite local pizza places. And I really enjoy his company.

He and I are night owls. For the past week, we’ve been up late together watching episodes of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. He asked my opinion on the answers he was filling in on applications for summer programs. We talked about politics and current events. We waxed nostalgic over things that happened when he was little. We discussed upcoming travel and caught up on each other’s news. I listened to some of the new music he has composed. I took him to a dentist appointment; he and his father went for haircuts together. None of our conversations were earth-shattering, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Now he is back at school. I am happy that he is where he should be right now. But I keep walking by his room, and for a moment, wanting to knock on his door to see if he’s awake.

I am not complaining. In fact, I will see him again soon, when his dad and I drive down to campus for his concert next week. So I am a lucky parent: I have a great kid who wants to spend time with me, and he is at a school that is close enough so that we can make that happen.

Happy Spring!

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