Summer Music

My son submitted his applications yesterday — just before the deadline — to two summer programs in Music Composition. He is a junior in his university’s Music Composition program, so this is really his last summer to be involved in such a program in his field before he has to be out trying to get employment in it.

One of the programs is in Maine; the other is in Colorado. Maine would be a lot easier to get him to, and the dates are more convenient. Also, it’s three weeks long, which seems to me to allow for a much deeper learning experience. But the Colorado program, while only a week long, has a visiting professor from Berklee School of Music whom he has worked with before; he would like to study under her again.

Technically, he could do both, if we can afford it. The Maine program does offer some financial aid. If he gets accepted, we’ll see how much they are willing to provide him.

I took this picture of him at a violin lesson several years back. He still plays violin and piano, but his passion is composition; I hope one of these summer composition programs works out for him!

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