Throwback Thursday: Four Great-Grandmothers

Someone posted on a family history site, asking members if we had photographs of our great-grandmothers. I’ve mentioned all four of mine at different times, in previous posts about family history. And I have photos of all of them. But I’d never looked at them all together before; I’d always concentrated on researching one family line or another. Here they are, my great-grandmothers, all in a row.

My great-grandmothers, from left. Francesca Pierini Piccioli (1879-1950, father’s maternal), Rosalina Ambrosini DeRiggi (1877-1948, mother’s paternal), Maria Timi Petrini (c1883-1918, father’s paternal), and Mary Bartocci Thomassoni (1895-1948, mother’s maternal).

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