Stupid and Stupider

I just saw an old Facebook post of mine about people saying stupid things online. I’d forgotten all about this post, but these gems are too good not to share. Here is what I posted:

Is there some sort of epidemic of stupidity on Facebook today? Seriously, it seems way worse than normal. I’m not even talking about the general politics-based rejection of truth we’ve seen so much of lately. This is just ridiculous stuff.

First, there was the woman who complained that mice were getting into the insulation in her house, leaving their droppings there, and LAYING EGGS. Now there are two guys insisting that 5’7″ is very short for a woman; when confronted with a reputable medical source giving the average height of a woman in the U.S. as 5’4″ and worldwide as 5’3″, they claim that is a lie, because some women are shorter than that and others are taller.

This is elementary school stuff.

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