LetterMo 2023, Days 15 and 16

We’re past the halfway mark on the Month of Letters, or LetterMo, which encourages participants to write and send at least one piece of handwritten snail mail per day during the month of February. Here is a progress report from the past two days.

Feb. 15 – I wrote and mailed a postcard to a Postcrosser in Japan. (Postcrossing is a site that helps 800,00+ members send postcards to each other all over the world.)

Feb. 16 – And after spending quite a bit of time creating a family ancestry book on Shutterfly, I sent one as a birthday gift to my sister in California, along with a card.

Here is the cover of the latest edition of the family tree book I originally made for my father last year. Since then, I have revised it several times and sent editions to other family members, including this month to my sister in California for her birthday.

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