LetterMo 2023, Days 11-13

I have another update on my Month of Letters challenge, in which we attempt to write and send at least one piece of handwritten snail mail per day during the month of February, and to respond to mail we receive. Bills, advertisements, and such do not count, and we don’t have to send mail on Sundays and holidays when the mail does not go out.

I last updated through February 10. Here is what I have done since then:

  • February 11 – I wrote a long, newsy letter to a pen pal in Pennsylvania.
  • February 12 – it was Sunday, so I was off the hook.
  • February 13 – Today, I sent a Postcrossing postcard to Germany, showing a Japanese painting of a turtle (below). If you don’t know about Postcrossing, here is a post I wrote about it, and here is the Postcrossing site itself.

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