LetterMo 2023, Days 7-10

I am still managing to send mail every day for the Month of Letters challenge. Here is what I have sent in the past few days:

  • February 7: a card to a Postcrosser in Tennessee, with a photo of a lighthouse in Maine.
  • February 8: a Washington, D.C., tourist card to a Postcrosser in Taiwan
  • February 9: a letter to a pen pal in the U.K., and a postcard to a Postcrosser in India.
  • February 10: an over-the-top Victorian Valentine to my mother (shown), because she’ll think it’s funny. And a Postcrossing card to Christmas Island, Australia, somewhere I have never sent mail to before!

I hope I’ve got those right; I really need to keep better records! But so far, I have sent something each day this month, even if my record-keeping has been lax.

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