If It’s February, This Must Be LetterMo!

We are a few days into February, and I have not mentioned the Month of Letters, affectionately abbreviated as LetterMo. Every day this month, those of us who’ve taken the challenge aim to send at least one piece of handwritten mail by old-fashioned snail mail, and to respond to anyone who writes to us. Bills, junk mail, and other non-personal forms of mail don’t count. And we’re not required to send mail on days when there is no mail delivery (in the U.S., that would be Sundays and holidays).

This year, the Month of Letters conveniently began right after yet another postal cost increase. Yes, that sucks, but another 3 cent increase in first-class stamps will not deter us manic letter writers from sending mail.

I’ve been remiss about reporting in, both here and on the site, so let me catch up now on reporting my outgoing mail for the first four days of the month.

The first three days I sent Postcrossing postcards to Postcrossers in three European countries:

  • On the first day of LetterMo, I mailed a postcard of Luna Lovegood to a Harry Potter fan in Poland.
  • On Feb. 2, I mailed a postcard to Switzerland with a recipe for Key Lime Pie.
  • And on Feb. 3, it was a postcard with an awesome photograph of a whale, sent to a whale-watching Postcrosser in the Netherlands.

Today’s mail stayed much closer to home. For today, Feb. 4, I wrote to a pen pal who lives about an hour’s drive from home. And I wrote an actual, multi-page letter, not just a postcard.

I have to admit that I have been neglecting my pen pals for the past six months or so. I hate being an awful correspondent, and have vowed to use LetterMo as a catalyst for catching up.

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