Phone Faux Pas

I dreamed that I was at a theater, attending a play for the first time since the pandemic began. In the middle of the performance, my phone started making loud noises for some kind of notification, and I knew I had forgotten to turn it off. Usually there is an announcement before a play, but this time, there had not been. But now something was wrong with the phone, and I could not get it to turn off.

The house lights came up, and the director stopped the play and glared in my direction. I wasn’t sure if she knew it was me, or if she just thought the noise was coming from somewhere in my vicinity. I was mortified. I felt like everyone was looking at me.

I finally got the phone to quiet, and while the audience waited, the director consulted the script and the stage manager to see where t tell the actors to resume their performance. I was afraid I’d be kicked out of the theater. But the house lights dimmed, and the play continued.

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