Command Performance

This evening, my son made an audition video for the symphony orchestra at school. He had several pages of music to play for it. He had to set up his phone to record audio and video, and then play the music all in take. It included some Brahms, some Mendelssohn, and some works by a few less familiar composers. One passage he said was especially difficult; he has dubbed it The Carpal Tunnel Overture. He was sure he’d screw that part up, but it sounded great! He said it was the best he’d ever played it.

He sent in the video this evening, several hours before the midnight deadline. Next, the audition coordinators will check all the videos to be sure it was really the students performing. If only audio was required, it would be too easy to submit a professional recording found online. After verifying that, they will separate the audio and video tracks, so that the judges will not see the video, in order not to be influenced by anything except the performances.

I’m sure he’ll get in; he was in this orchestra last semester. And while violin is not his main instrument, he really is quite accomplished on it. First chair assignments will be based on the auditions, but as a non-violin major, he doesn’t think he has a chance at those spots and isn’t worried about it. He considers himself more of an orchestral player than a soloist.

I’m not sure when results will be announced. But it’s really good to hear him playing!

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