2022 Reading Challenge Completed: 137 Out of 130

Happy New Year! The year 2022 ends in a few hours. So does my 2022 Reading Challenge on the Goodreads website. My goal for the year was 130 books read. I completed the 137th book earlier this week, which brings me to 105% of my goal.

A few months ago, I’d fallen behind on my progress toward 130 books. I figured I’d make it up in the end, and I did. Partly I managed to catch up by pursuing a personal reading project I’d been thinking about — reading some of the children’s books I’d been collecting for my Little Free Library, especially those featuring characters (or by authors) who were LGBTQ, people of color, or members of minorities and other oppressed groups. As kids’ books, they tend to be shorter than adult books, so I was able to read more of them and catch up. In particular, I’ve enjoyed reading books that have been banned in various places around the country.

Last year my reading goal was a little lower, at 125 books, and I read 126. I guess it’s time to choose a goal for 2023. What about you? What’s your reading goal?

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