Throwback Thursday: Hidden Treasure

This evening, I brought out an old photo of myself as a baby this evening and pulled it out of the frame to scan it. And behind it in the frame I found this picture, which I have never seen before! This is my maternal grandparents, Norma Tomassoni DeRicci and Ralph DeRicci. From their apparent ages, I would guess it was taken in the late 1930s; in fact, they were married in the summer of 1937 — their families disapproved of the match, so they eloped. I’m wondering if this could have been taken on their honeymoon. She seems to have gotten pregnant during or shortly after the honeymoon, so if it were a just a few months later, she would have been visibly pregnant. I see a boardwalk, which probably means this was Coney Island, Atlantic City, or Long Beach, NY. I can’t wait to ask my mother if she knows anything about it.

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