Concert Month

I attended a concert at my son’s university last night, a student recital. The school really does have an excellent music department, though I’m afraid a lot of non-music majors and their parents don’t know it.

The concert was the senior recital of a Music Composition student. These recitals are completely student-directed. He had to compile an hour of original works, and recruit other students to help perform them. I attended because my son played violin on one of his pieces. All of the students did terrific work, especially the composer, who not only wrote all the music, but also played bassoon on many of the pieces. I love seeing students work together like this!

I am still in town because my son has another concert tomorrow, the first one he’s performed in with the steel drum band! He is a longtime pianist and violinist with a background in mostly classical music, and he’s been having a blast learning to play steel pan. I haven’t heard them play before, so I’m looking forward to it. Then I’m back in town next week for yet another concert, this one with the symphony orchestra. December is always a busy month for musicians.

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