Postcards From the World, Siriusly

It’s time to share another Postcrossing card. This one came to me from what is, in Postcrossing terms, practically next door. The sender, Cindy, lives in here in Virginia, in a rural area about 75 miles from me.

Postcrossing is work-related for Cindy; she is a rural mail carrier. But she says she is close to retirement and is anticipating travel all around the U.S. In particular, she wants to visit Utah, because her husband has been there and thinks she will love it. Until then, she’d like to receive a postcard from every state in the country.

The postcard she sent to me is, of course, Harry’s godfather Sirius Black, from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The caption on the back reads, “Pettigrew’s alive! And he’s right there!”

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