More Thanksgiving Recap

I made this cake in the shape of a turkey for a Thanksgiving many years ago. I was pretty proud of it. There’s a link in the final paragraph of my post, for those who want to know how I did it.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving celebration this week at the home of some friends in the neighborhood.

I bought food to bring this year. I kept thinking about cooking and baking and even brought ingredients, but in the end I decided I had a stressful enough week without worrying about that, too. So I visited a local bakery cafe and ordered a side dish and some pies. Then I heard that the middle school orchestra was holding its dessert sale fundraiser, the same one my son always sold pies and cakes for when he was in the orchestra. So naturally I had to order his favorite decadent chocolate thing to bring along. It was also our job to bring pizza, for the kids (including my son) who prefer it to traditional Thanksgiving foods.

I was planning to go to an earlier event that day, an outdoor gathering that the neighborhood holds each year. So I stopped at another local shop the day before and ordered a tray of cookies. And then got busy on Thanksgiving day and didn’t have time to stop by the picnic. So now we have a spare tray of cookies we will just have to eat all by ourselves. Difficult, I know.

In any case, we had plenty of food at our Thanksgiving feast, and now have leftover roasted vegetables and desserts at home. But the photo above is not of any of that. This photo may look like a turkey, but it’s dessert. I made this cake for a Thanksgiving many years ago, and someday I’d like to make one again.

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