Throwback Thursday: My Mother, the Pinup Girl

My mother, Rosemary DeRicci (her birth name), as a pinup girl. This would have been published sometime between April 1959, when she turned 21, and October 1960, when she married my father. She always said the editor lied about her measurements.

I mentioned recently that my mother let me borrow a lot of old photos from her side of the family, so I could scan them all.

This one is a treasure. This is my mother, back when she was a pinup girl. A newspaper on an Air Force base published her picture one month as its Jet Sweetheart. This was a regular feature that is so sexist. It makes me cringe today to think that women were supposed to allow themselves to be objectified and trivialized for the purpose of entertaining the troops. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s all that different today. But it is fun as a bit of family history.

She also had an eight-by-ten glossy of this photo. She gave it to my sister years ago, and I am still miffed that I didn’t get it. I have a wall of autographed celebrity photos, and I would love to include her! I promised I’d put her right next to Robert Redford, but apparently she doesn’t have another copy.

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