Postcards From the World: Rush Hour, Germany

It’s been months since I’ve posted here about a card received from a Postcrosser somewhere in the world. I have not been sending (and, therefore, receiving) as many cards as I used to, with recent increases in the cost of international postage. But I have still been sending and receiving a few postcards every month. (For more about the Postcrossing international postcard sharing site, see this post.)

Today I am featuring a striking postcard I received from a German Postcrosser named Weert-Paul. The card, “Rush Hour at the Emstunnel,” shows traffic on the approach to a tunnel — yes, the Emstunnel — that goes beneath the Ems River. In this photo, the tunnel also goes beneath an enormous cruise ship! Weert-Paul tells me that the cruise ship was a brand new one, on its first trip from the shipyard to reach the North Sea.

Weert-Paul didn’t say a lot about himself, but he manages a store in East Frisia in Northern Germany, quite close to the Dutch border. He and his wife, Anke, have been married for 32 years (same as me) and have two children and two grandchildren. He plays in a trumpet choir, is an avid biker, and is in a dance group with his wife. And, of course, he loves to send and receive postcards.

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