Mister Softee

Last month, I was walking in my neighborhood one evening and heard that familiar jingly music from my childhood, the music that means an ice-cream truck is near. I walked toward the sound, and sure enough, the Mister Softee truck. Of course, I had to order a chocolate sundae.

I remembered reading a post on a local listserv by a neighbor who wanted to get our neighborhood included on the Mister Softee route and was asking for opinions. It seemed like a no-brainer. An ice-cream truck is a good thing, right? I was surprised at the people who disagreed. Mostly, they were concerned that it would cut into business at our local ice-cream places. I’m not seeing it. Ice-cream trucks encourage impulse buys. And having the truck in the area twice a week for an hour or two is just not that likely to have an impact on local businesses.

So I was pleased to see that Mister Softee has added us to his route. Tonight, I came upon the truck again. (Actually, that jingly music pulled me down the block toward it, entirely against my will.) It was a really good chocolate sundae.

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