Circular Logic

I checked my Little Free Library a few days ago and found a stack of small books had been added. For a moment, I was pleased. Then I pulled out the stack and realized it was religious propaganda, a pile of identical brochures on how to prove that God exists.

My favorite part was the passage that said we know God exists, because if you say God doesn’t exist, then you are saying Jesus is a liar. And Jesus can’t be a liar, because he is the son of God. Thus, we have proof that God exists.

Do people really believe this is logical proof of anything except their own lack of critical thinking skills?

Many people find comfort and guidance in their religious beliefs. I don’t dispute that, and I don’t have a problem with it. But believing that God exists is a matter of faith; faith is all about believing in something even though it can’t be proven. If it could be proven, it would not require faith. So please stop trying to pretend there can be scientific proof that God is real. That is not what faith is about.

I pulled out the brochures, and I threw them away. My Little Free Library does not accept religious materials.

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