We Voted. Have You?

We voted this week! Early voting has been open in Virginia since September 23, but I was holding off until this week, because I knew my son would be home for Fall Break and wanted us to vote together.

We voted. Have you?

If you haven’t voted yet, or are waiting until November 8, it’s not too early to figure out when you’ll vote and how you’ll get there, and to doublecheck the locations. Virginia has had some redistricting since the last election, so it may not be where you think! In fact, my own precinct changed this year, much to my surprise, but early voting sites are different from the regular Election Day precincts, so I did not have to go to my new polling place.

Need more information about how or where to vote? Unsure of what’s on the ballot? In Virginia, check out https://www.elections.virginia.gov/ to have your questions answered. In other U.S. states, a search for “[state] elections 2022” should get you to your state elections boards website.

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