Throwback Thursday: Wild West

Today’s image from the past is one that I dug out of the box of old family photos my father and stepmother gave me when I visited them this summer.

This was probably taken in or around 1947, as my father and his brother played cowboys near the back door of the house where they grew up. My dad is the older boy, Bart. He appears to be arresting his little brother, Frank, who is just so adorable with his hands in the air! I’m guessing Frank is playing the part of an outlaw, and Bart is the sheriff or U.S. Marshall who is bringing him in.

I could be wrong. It’s possible that my dad is the bad guy, the outlaw holding up an innocent victim. But as the oldest, he would have had first dibs, and knowing my dad, he would want to be sheriff. In fact, their own father, my grandfather, was actually elected county sheriff in 1951, but the boys are too young here for the picture to have been taken that late.

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