8,000 Miles

I’ve been posting photos recently from the month-long road trip we took around the U.S. this summer. Most of the posts begin with an introductory blurb that says we traveled more than 7,000 miles on our trip. As it turns out, it was actually almost 8,000 miles.

My husband took a photograph of the odometer when he turned in the rental car on our return. I only just saw that photo. Comparing it to the photo I took the day we picked up the car at the beginning of the month, I realized that we traveled farther than I thought, a grand total of 7,957 miles!

TOP: When we picked up our rented Ford Escape on July 2, the odometer reading (circled) was 56,097 miles. BOTTOM: After a month of driving across the country and back, with a lot of meandering to visit the sights, we returned the car on August 2. The final odometer reading: 64,054. Do the math, and you’ll see that we drove it 7,957 miles!

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