Junior Year: More Dorm Pics

Yesterday we helped our son move into his dorm, and I posted before-and-after photos of his bedroom. Today I’m posting a few more photos. The place is not new to him; it’s not only the same building, but actually the same unit as he lived in last year, though he has a new roommate this year. As I mentioned yesterday, this is a dorm, on campus, but the building is actually set up like apartments. He and his roommate share a bedroom, a living room/kitchen area, and a bathroom. And it’s only a five-minute walk from most of his classes!

The living room comes with four armchairs, a coffee table, side table, and three barstools. The four chairs are a bit much, but he isn’t allowed to move any out. Still, we managed to squeeze in the TWO pianos, his and his roommate’s. Personally, I think the room could use more dressing up; I hope they find something to hang on the walls.

The kitchen is a standard small apartment kitchen, with a sink, refrigerator, and stove, but it’s fine for their needs. Neither he nor his roommate cooks much. Jon Morgan mostly makes toasted cheese sandwiches or heats up frozen pizzas. His roommate Josh filled half of a kitchen cabinet with ramen noodle soup cups. We supplied the microwave, toaster oven, knife set, and pots and pans (well, one pot and one pan); Josh’s family chipped in the dishes, glasses, mugs, flatware, and vacuum cleaner.

Here are the photos. First is a comparison of before-and-after living room shots; next is the kitchen. (I’m not bothering with photos of the bathroom.)

The top photo shows the living room when he began moving in yesterday (except the music stand near the window, which is his). The second photo shows it with the furniture rearranged. It’s a bit cramped, but we were able to squeeze in both pianos! And that’s my husband and son sitting down for some well-deserved relaxation. On the right, where you can see part of a barstool, is the counter that separates the living room from the little kitchen area.

And here are some kitchen pictures. It’s not fancy, but it’s serviceable for two 20-year-old guys who don’t really cook. There is an eating counter (it’s to the left, out of the photo, dividing the kitchen from the living room. The refrigerator is a normal-sized one. It looks small in the second shot because of the camera angle, and maybe because my son is 6’3″.

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