Junior Year Begins

Tonight, I keep waiting for my son to walk in and want to change the channel on the television, or pull out his partially completed Lego model and finish building it. But those things are not going to happen. Today, we helped him move into his dorm room at school. He officially begins his junior year classes on Wednesday.

He is not only living in the same building as last year; he is actually living in the same apartment. It’s a great set-up. It’s a dormitory building, on campus, but it’s arranged as apartments. He and his roommate share a small apartment with a bedroom, a living room and kitchen area, and a bathroom. So he has a lot more space than a typical dorm room, but he has the convenience of being on campus (a five-minute walk from almost all of his classes) and the comfort of knowing he has something of a safety net.

He has a new roommate this year. They had known each other for a year on an online gaming chat platform, but neither knew that they were actually attending the same university. When they figured that out, they decided to room together, although they had never met in person. My husband and I met the roommate and his parents today, and liked them very much.

Here is a Before & After of the bedroom: how it looked when we arrived this morning, and how much it had improved by the time we finished setting up his side of the room. (His roommate had a later move-in time slot, and was still organizing his side of the room when we left.)

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