Almost Back to School

Since we returned from our recent month-long road trip, I’ve been busy busy busy getting my son ready to go back to college. Part of that consists of reminding him repeatedly to do his laundry and start packing. He is working on the laundry; I think he has one load left to do. But I’m afraid packing will be something he claims to be working on but actually does at the last possible moment.

I’m also planning our trip to take him back to school, and trying to decide if we have time to get the car’s oil changed and a burned-out headlight replaced before then.

Besides that, I’m trying to get all of his necessary appointments out of the way before he heads back to campus. So far he has been to the dentist, had blood drawn for his yearly physical, had that physical yesterday, and has gone back to the doctor’s office to have more blood drawn for another test the doctor wants. I also took him to Walgreens today so we could both got our flu shots. Tomorrow we both see the eye doctor.

I wish I could take him to the elections office to vote, but early voting hasn’t started yet for the November election, so he’ll do that over fall break.

If he had his driver’s license, he could get to some of his appointments on his own, but he’s not driving yet, so I’m on chauffeuring duty.

As always, I will miss him when he’s back on campus. But I’ll be a little relieved, too, to have more control of my time.

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