Day 10 (part 1): Auburn, California, to San Francisco

We spent about a month this summer on a 7,000+ mile road trip across the country, from the Washington, D.C., area to California and back. I began posting privately about the trip while we were gone, and I’ve kept the original dates from when I started the posts. But we’re home now, so I’m updating my posts with photos and making them public. Here is a rundown of our travels on Day 10, which was July 12.

July 12 was the day we left my father’s house in Auburn and headed to San Francisco, a drive of about 120 miles and 2.5 hours. The plan was to arrive in time for lunch, check into the hotel, and spend the afternoon sightseeing. The following day we would sightsee in the morning and then leave the city and head up the coast.

I’m saving the San Francisco photos for an entry of their own, but here are a few shots of the route there and of our coming into the city.

I mentioned the Sinclair dinosaurs in posts about the Utah leg of our trip. Here is a California dinosaur! I wish we had these in the East.

Approaching San Francisco.
First view of the skyline.

Coming into the city on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Alcatraz Island. With only 24 hours in the city, we did not have time for the ferry ride and tour, though I’ve been there several times and found it fascinating. Maybe we’ll make it next time.

Coit Tower, seen through the windshield as we came into San Francisco on a characteristically foggy day. The fog cleared an hour later, and the weather was beautiful for the afternoon and evening.

Heading toward Fisherman’s Wharf and our hotel.

The Great American Road Trip, So Far

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