It’s a Wonderful Museum

Six years ago this week, we met Zuzu! Bob and I visited Seneca Falls, New York, that week. After touring the women’s rights museum that had brought us to town, we came across an unexpected attraction: the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum. Seneca Falls seems to have been film director Frank Capra’s inspiration for the town of Bedford Falls, the setting of the beloved holiday film, It’s a Wonderful Life. The town embraces that connection and started a museum to commemorate the film.

And the day we stopped by the museum happened to be the day that Karolyn Grimes, who played little Zuzu in the film, was there! She was chatting with visitors and signing autographs! How cool is that?

Me, Karolyn Grimes, and Bob. You might notice Jimmy Stewart behind us, walking the streets of Bedford Falls.

Karolyn Grimes as Zuzu, showing her flower to her dad George Bailey, played, of course, by Jimmy Stewart.

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