Follow the Damn Rules

Is this so hard to understand?

The sign on the door said, Mask Required … Regardless of Vaccination Status. Yet, inside the gift shop at a major national park, I estimated that fewer than 10 percent of customers wore masks.

And the employees were not even trying to enforce the rule.

What is wrong with people? I’ll give a pass to anyone who doesn’t read English (though I wonder why U.S. tourist attractions seldom have multilingual signs). For everyone else, what is the problem? Did you miss the sign that was so prominently displayed on every door? Did you fail to understand its simple message? Or do you really believe that you are above the rules and can ignore the ones you dislike? Either you are too stupid to understand the sign, or too selfish to care about anyone but yourself.

The pandemic is ongoing. Wearing a mask protects yourself, your family, and every person around you.

The pandemic has destroyed my faith in humanity.

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