Day 6: Sparks, Nevada, to Auburn, California

We spent about a month this summer on a 7,000+ mile road trip across the country, from the Washington, D.C., area to California and back. I began posting privately about the trip while we were gone, but we’re home now, so I’m updating my posts with photos and making them public. Here is a rundown of Day 6, which was July 8.

Our sixth day on the road was a short driving day. We started in the Reno area and had only two and a half hours to go to reach my father and stepmother’s home just over a hundred miles away, in Auburn, California.

Past Reno, the drive that day was mostly over the Sierra Nevada, through the Tahoe National Forest. I would have liked to visit Lake Tahoe, but we were eager to reach Auburn early in the day, so we’ll have to save Tahoe for a later visit. The mountain scenery was gorgeous, and we had perfect weather for enjoying it — though gas prices at Tahoe were even worse than we’d been told to expect.

Our drive was over early that day, when we arrived in Auburn, California, about 30 miles northeast of Sacramento.

We drove through magnificent mountain scenery between Reno and Auburn, especially in the area just north of Lake Tahoe.

I’d been hoping we could visit the vacation home my sister bought at Lake Tahoe last year. But our timing was off. She had just been there for a week, but was leaving the morning of July 8, the day were nearby. So we met up with her instead a few days later, at her home near Sacramento. I hope I can see her Tahoe house another time.

More scenery in the area near Truckee, California, and Donner Pass.

I recently wrote about gas prices at Donner Pass being the real reason that the famous Donner Partyended up stuck in the mountains for the winter of 1846-1847, We weren’t thrilled with the prices either, but we were prepared to pay. Our total gas bill for this stop: $74.26 (for 11 gallons), more than I had ever paid for a gallon of gas! But the mountains were lovely.

Bob fills the tank of the rental car at Donner Pass, in the Sierra Nevada, to the tune of $6.69 per gallon.

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