Throwback Thursday: Army Nurse

I hope you’re not getting sick of photos of my ancestors. I’ve been thrilled to have some to incorporate into my genealogy research — though I wish I had many more — and they fit in so nicely with the Throwback Thursday theme.

The woman in the center of the photograph is my great aunt Helen. Born in 1915 in Pennsylvania, she was the youngest of my grandfather’s sisters. Their parents died in October 1918 in the flu epidemic, so she probably retained little or no memory of them. The oldest sister, Assunta (Susie) was only 14 but married that December, and she and her husband took in her younger brother and three little sisters. My grandfather, 11, dropped out of school to work for the coal mines to help pay the bills. Helen grew up to become a registered nurse.

Aunt Helen (center) served as a lieutenant and a U.S. Army nurse in World War II.

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